When Should You Add To Cart?

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With all the advertisements on social media and all the Christmas promotions along the Orchard Road, we are constantly bombarded with visions of owning new things. The marketers know how to push our buttons and how to make us click “buy now”.

Pause for a while! There are ways to tame our desires. Wanting is an emotional response to being unsatisfied with what you already have. Satisfying wants can give you a temporary high, but it wears off. Consider the following factors when deciding to purchase something or not.


The first question to ask yourself is whether you can afford the item or not. This question is not as simple as it sounds. If you can afford the item, you must ensure that the money is coming out of your budget and not from your credit card. Do not spend money that you are expecting to get.

Lastly, you can save money for a big purchase if you cannot afford it now. Asking money instead of gifts for your birthday or wedding can be doable too.


Study your options before adding the item to your cart. This will give you time to ponder about the purchase. You can either do window shopping in the nearby shopping malls or browse different online shops. Consider what you already have and weigh the costs of the possible purchase.


Know the quality of your purchase by reading the online reviews. What do others think about the item? Ask your friends for their opinion regarding the item too. They may give you tips on where to get the most affordable and durable option.

More than the style or the brand, consider if the functions of the item will last you for a long time. Unless what you already have is obsolete, buying a similar item is wasteful.


Distinguish whether what you aim to purchase is a want or a need. If you do not need the item, you may want to reconsider the purpose of your purchase. You can save money to make room for the things you want.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

On the other hand, a need is a requirement or a necessary duty. Buying what you need should be a priority. Adjust your budget to fulfill your daily needs. Always try to get the best value for your money.

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