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Important Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Fitness Studio Membership

“California Fitness closed… what now for its members?” “California Fitness abruptly shuts branches in Hong Kong.” “California Fitness closes all branches in Singapore.” In the light of the recent headlines, California Fitness members voiced out their battle cry either to the authorities or to the netizens. I greatly sympathize with these people as I remember a particular event which happened two years prior. In 2014, Affinity Yoga shut down its operations and hundreds of members had to suffer its consequences.


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6 Ways to Save Money as a Yoga Teacher

Various people have an impression that Yoga is expensive or that Yoga is only for the elites. Compared to a monthly gym membership, perhaps Yoga can be considered expensive. Clothes, mats, and other props can be costly. But, if you prioritize the practice of awareness rather than flaunting for fashion then you may find yourself saving a lot more. As Yoga teachers, you get to immerse yourself deeper in the practice and its doctrines. You become less interested in wastefulness