You Must Stop Buying Items Just Because They Are Cheap

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Do you ever purchase items that you do not need just because they are cheap or on sale?

Many of us do! If you adopt this hobby, it can easily get out of hand. Prevent yourself from spending on indulgences by regaining self-discipline with these 5 tips:


Previous studies have shown that people who overspend are craving for the surge of the feel-good hormone called dopamine. They associate this hormone to shopping for items while they are on sale. It is okay to give in to what your heart desires every once in a while as long as you are in control. However, you must regulate your shopping habits if you are overdoing it.

A bargain deal such as Lazada coupons can be a great score but, not if you have not intended to buy the item in the first place!


I can still recall the moment when my mother came home with bag of groceries in her hands. Inside the bags were bathroom supplies such as shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. It dawned on me that she picked up the same items merely four days ago. She says it slipped her mind. Well, she is not alone!

It is common for people to buy new items because they cannot remember what they already have or they cannot locate them. I am not limiting this scenario to the items in your wardrobe as it is applicable to household products, car tools, and so on. A neat solution is to conduct a monthly inventory check to filter out what items are worn out, ill-fitted, and useless. You can toss or donate these items afterwards.


Clothes and other products that are of quality lasts longer and are usually more comfortable. Think about it! Cheap clothes are not entirely cheap as time passes. Mediocre items made with thin materials and poorly sewn ensembles wear out faster than quality ones. Furthermore, it requires time to replace and repair them. Consider spending your hard-earned money on few good things than, in loads of rubbish things.

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Whether you want to admit it or not, you use your most valuable items the least. You want to protect your precious item for as long as you can. I do too!

When I got my hands on the iPhone 6s last year, I played with it for a few hours and kept it safe in my cabinet. I relied on my iPhone 4 for so long that I jumped several generations when I bought the said device. Can you imagine how happy I was to explore the new iOS features and to savor the larger screen? Despite my satisfaction, I still preferred using my iPhone 4. I adored the new device and I did not want to spoil it immediately. A couple of weeks passed and I came to realize the irrationality in my actions. I bought this device for a reason and I must use it!

Use your priced item to maximize its value. Dissatisfaction can only lead to buying cheaper knockoffs or settling for less.


Shopping eats up a significant portion of time. Sometimes, you may feel like your trip to the store was wasted if you do not purchase anything. This is why boutiques and online stores employ strategies to draw shoppers in for a long period of time. But, you must not fall for this! Purchasing something unnecessary makes is more wasteful than spending your time on window shopping.

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Remember that it is alright to walk out of the store and buy nothing.

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