Best Handheld Fans to Beat the Heat for Under S$30

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Are you tired of feeling hot and uncomfortable in Singapore’s sweltering heat? Do you want a solution that is both effective and affordable? Look no further than these cooling portable fans!

Stores selling these fans, some of which conveniently attach to the neck or wrist, report rocket sales compared to last year. They have become the latest trend for coping with elevated temperatures in Singapore and around the world. With the right fan, you can enjoy a cool and refreshing breeze to stay comfortable all year round. These products are all available online on Shopee or Lazada.


When it comes to choosing a portable fan, the top choice is from JISULIFE, an established provider of sustainable gadgets for personal use. Try their JISULIFE Mini Portable Fan, which impresses with its 46-hour battery life, meaning you won’t need to charge it often.

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Available in five different pastel shades, this handheld portable fan also doubles as a desk fan, flashlight, and power bank. Talk about versatility! Weighing 129g or 180g, with a battery capacity ranging from 2000mAh to 4800mAh, and a battery life of 20 to 46 hours, it charges in 3 hours and costs S$21.80 to S$27.25.


Another top contender in Singapore’s best portable handheld fan options is the Simplus Portable Mini Fan. Personally, I own their waffle maker and it has been our go-to breakfast fix.

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Its built-in noise reduction technology makes it ultra-quiet, even with its powerful wind-gathering air ducts. You can easily adjust the wind speed by clicking the control button. The carabiner design also makes it extra convenient to bring around and doubles as a desk fan! The hidden blades make this fan particularly safe for parents or those traveling with kids. Use it on your morning stroll or during travels without worrying about safety! Weighing 125g, with a battery capacity of 1200mAh, and a battery life of 5 hours, it charges in 2 hours and costs S$10.90.


The Gadget Mix Mini Handheld Fan is so small it’s only a little larger than a lollipop, making it incredibly convenient to slip into your bag. Despite its minute size, this fan is extremely lightweight, weighing just 86 grams—almost the weight of a tomato!

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It features a low-noise motor that emulates the sound of natural wind and offers three wind speeds to choose from. Additionally, this Gadget Mix fan can be fixed on a stand to be used on your desk. It’s the ideal multifunctional companion to keep cool whenever and wherever! With a battery capacity of 1200mAh, and a battery life of 1 hour, it charges in 3.5 hours and costs S$14.90.


Travelling to a theme park with your family soon? Consider buying the Minthouz Portable Stroller Mini Fan. Powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, you’ll avoid the hassle of needing extra batteries.

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Its standout feature is the aromatherapy function, which protects your baby from mosquito bites outdoors. Simply add liquid mosquito repellent into the aromatherapy box, and let the fan work its magic! Weighing approximately 200g, with a battery capacity of 2000mAh, and a battery life of 2 to 7.5 hours, it charges in 3.5 hours and costs S$17.66.


USB fans may be tiny, but don’t underestimate their power. The MUJI Portable USB Handheld Fan is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Its convertible handle allows it to be used as a desktop fan.

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This fan also features a “Rhythm” wind mode, which operates on low-speed mode and switches on and off every five seconds to emulate natural wind. Weighing 92g, with a battery capacity of 1400mAh, and a battery life of 2 to 12 hours, it charges in 2.5 hours and costs S$19.00.


Last on this list is a cute handheld fan that doubles as a desk fan – the Space Duckling Misting Fan. Available in three pastel colors, it features an adorable duckling in an astronaut helmet at its center. It dispenses mist to further cool your surroundings—just add cold or iced water with the provided funnel into the opening at the top of the fan. Get it online for S$12.33.

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Stay cool and beat the heat with these top handheld fans, all under S$30. Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, these fans will keep you comfortable and refreshed!

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