heya mobile is giving away FREE exclusive huat EZ-Link Card. Plus, switch to heya for FREE!

Introducing the exclusive heya huat EZ-Link Card!

Unlock a touch of good fortune and luck with the FREE heya huat EZ-Link Card, available weekly at selected heya retailers! Simply sign up for the $10 heya plan and purchase $10 heya credits or switch your existing number to heya at participating stores to get the heya huat EZ-Link Card.

Plus, enjoy your first month for free when you switch over at these selected heya retailers.

Don’t miss out on this charming and practical essential —perfect for your daily commute and a symbol of good luck and prosperity! Discover where to get your FREE huat EZ-Link Card at heya.sg/roadshows.

Here are 6 compelling reasons to choose heya mobile:

1. On Singapore’s fastest and widest network

heya mobile operates on Singapore’s fastest and widest mobile network, ensuring seamless connectivity wherever you go. Whether you’re at home or on the move, stay connected with confidence.

2. Incredible value at $10/month

Enjoy an amazing mobile deal at just $10 per month, which comes with 128GB of local data, 1GB of roaming data, 300 local minutes and 50 local SMS. It’s a complete package that offers exceptional value and meets all your needs.

3. Rollover Your Data and Talktime

With heya mobile, say goodbye to wasting unused data and minutes. You can rollover your unused data and talktime when you top up before your plan expires, giving you the flexibility to use what you’ve paid for without any wastage.

4. Easy Management with heya App

Manage your account effortlessly using the heya app. Monitor your usage, check your balance and top up with ease. Download the app at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

You can purchase $30/$50 heya credits or use your credit/debit card to top up through the app directly. Alternatively, you can top up through various platforms like Shopee, Lazada, AXS Kiosks and heya retailers easily.

5. Monthly Rewards

Enjoy additional perks with heya mobile! Get monthly rewards with every top-up of the $10 heya plan for the first six times, adding extra value to your mobile experience.

  • 1st top-up: Free $1 heya credit
  • 2nd top-up: Free 1GB roaming (worth $3)
  • 3rd top-up: Free 300 IDD mins (worth $3)
  • 4th top-up: Free 1GB roaming (worth $3)
  • 5th top-up: Free 300 IDD mins (worth $3)
  • 6th top-up: Free $10 heya plan (worth $10)

6. Switch with Confidence

Switch your existing number to heya mobile at any retailer and enjoy free 1 month of the $10 heya plan. Seamlessly transition to a mobile service that offers superior performance, affordability, and convenience.

Make the smart choice today and experience more huat with heya mobile.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit heya’s weekly roadshows to get started on Singapore’s best network! Enjoy seamless communication, incredible offers, and exclusive gifts that bring value to your everyday life. Join the heya family today and let’s huat together!

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