Is It Practical to Buy Souvenirs from Your Trip?

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Souvenir shopping is a beloved part of many travel itineraries. It’s natural to want a special keepsake to commemorate your trip and bring a touch of that magic back home. Whether for yourself or as a gift for loved ones, the choices can feel overwhelming and sometimes inauthentic.

To avoid cluttering your home with meaningless items, consider a mindful approach by selecting souvenirs that will be used or appreciated. Personally, I often purchase one or two luxury items that have lasting value.

For many Asians, including myself, buying souvenirs for family is a must. These mementos not only evoke positive memories but also offer a way to share your experiences with friends and family.


Consumables are often the most appreciated souvenirs. From personal experience, chocolates are a safe bet—they disappear quickly when I bring them to the office. Opt for individually packed options, and be cautious with unique tastes like dried durian, which may not appeal to everyone.

Consider the practicality of a souvenir and how often it will be used. Recently, I bought my mom Chanel concealer from the Hong Kong airport, which she loved.

Some items may be cheaper abroad, but significant discounts on expensive goods, like handbags, may still result in a high cost. If you love handbags, who am I to tell you not to grab that discounted LV or Goyard in France?

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When buying for family and friends, choose items you know they’ll enjoy, not just what you like. Remember, not every destination has something for everyone, so select items that match their hobbies or interests.


Budgeting is key. Plan ahead by researching before your trip, especially for high-end items like jewelry, art, and antiques. Avoid heavily trafficked tourist areas to stay within your budget.

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Explore local markets for unique items at lower prices. For food souvenirs, shop at local grocery stores for authentic sweets and snacks. This approach saves money and helps you find items that truly capture the spirit of the area.

Enjoy your travels!

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