Want to get a vehicle entry permit before entering Malaysia but don’t know how? Here’s what you need to know

VEP RFID Tag Image Credits: straitstimes.com

Malaysia is making some changes for foreign vehicles entering the country from Singapore starting 1 October 2024.

From then on, all foreign-registered vehicles will need something called a vehicle entry permit, or VEP for short.

Their transport minister, Anthony Loke, announced this recently.

He said that any foreign vehicles caught entering or driving around Malaysia without one of these VEPs from October could be fined up to 2,000 Malaysian ringgit, which is around S$574.

Or the driver could face up to 6 months in jail.

If you don’t want to get into trouble, here’s a quick overview of what you need to know about getting one of these VEPs.

Do you need one?

You will need one if you own any type of foreign vehicle—personal cars, commercial vehicles, or even motorcycles registered in Singapore.

Even embassy and government vehicles have to get them. 

To apply, either the vehicle owner or someone they authorize needs to register online at this website: vep.jpj.gov.my.

After making an account, you will get an email linking you to the VEP portal site to finish everything up.

Make sure you have the Touch N Go eWallet app set up on your phone first though.

Once logged in, you will upload documents like proof of insurance, your ID, and vehicle ownership papers.

Then you just wait for approval.

The relevant authorities will email you to choose your pickup—either by mail delivery or by collecting it yourself in Johor Bahru once everything is processed.

VEP Collection Center

Image Credits: sgcarmart.com

How much and how do you make payment?

The tag itself costs about 10 Malaysian ringgit minus shipping/service fees. 

Simply pay online using a credit card.

When you receive the tag, log back into the portal and acknowledge it.

Where to attach the tag?

Stick it either on the top left of your windshield or left headlight, at least 5 cm from any metal parts.

Snap a pic for them once it’s on and upload it to the VEP portal.

They will activate it and you’re all set!

What’s the tag for?

The tag lets you pay road tolls and such using RFID lanes linked to your eWallet account.

It lasts 5 years from activation.

Just remember vehicles can only stay 90 days max for each visit.

Oh, and the new system will help police track foreign vehicles that break traffic laws.

A few other final notes as we round this up:

  • The tag isn’t transferable between vehicles, so you will need a new one if you get a different car.
  • Update the portal if your vehicle gets sold.
  • Authorities usually replace faulty tags for free, otherwise, you will need to pay administrative fees if it’s stolen, lost, or damaged.

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