Heymax.ai raises $3.5M to expand on rewards platform for consumers and brands

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Have you heard of a software company called Heymax.ai?

News has it recently that they have raised $3.5 million to help people earn rewards from everyday purchases.

What is it about?

If you’re not familiar with the brand, Heymax.ai is a personal finance and shopping app that lets you earn “Max Miles” from over 500 businesses.

You can redeem those miles for flights on any airline or transfer them to 25 hotel and airline rewards programs.


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The company just raised $3.5 million led by January Capital, with other investors like Tenity and Ascend Angels participating.

They are pretty new in the market, having been founded in late 2023 by four former Meta engineers.

Their CEO Joe Lu says people have a hard time taking advantage of all their reward options and Heymax.ai wants to make it easy to unlock rewards from regular spending.

Their goal is to help each customer earn a free vacation every year.

Led by January Capital

January Capital believes in Heymax.ai’s vision of making rewards programs more connected.

Many rewards programs are limited to one company, making it harder for merchants to attract new customers and for consumers to manage their spending, noted Roy Ong, an investor at January Capital.

He added that Heymax.ai aims to change that and solve these problems for both merchants and customers.

With the team’s experience in tech, there’s confidence they could achieve this vision.

Growing customer base

Over 50,000 people have used Heymax.ai so far to earn over 50 million Max Miles, redeeming more than 10,000 flights.

The platform also gives recommendations on what credit cards offer the best rewards for your purchases so you don’t have to spend time doing your research.

Major stores like Amazon, Apple, and Grab are partners, so you earn miles when shopping there.


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Heymax.ai has also partnered with Visa so you can track rewards from all your Visa cards in one place.

Even companies like SingSaver and Airwallex are starting to offer Max Miles too to reward their customers.

Expansion plans

After launching in Singapore, Heymax.ai expanded to Australia in November 2023.

They plan to enter more Asia Pacific markets soon.

CEO Joe Lu mentioned that he’s very excited about a future where customers worldwide can easily maximize their rewards and get more free trips from Heymax.ai each year to create cherished memories.

“To achieve that, we are firing on all cylinders to bring more partners on board to reward customers with Max Miles,” he added.

Interested in turning your expenses into miles and need more info?

Find out how via heymax.ai.

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