Oreo cookies in pink and green colours now available

Oreo cookies in pink and green colours now available

So colourful that we can’t bear to eat them

New Japanese-style Oreo flavours have hit the shelves! Oreo regularly comes out with new flavours but Sakura Strawberry and Sour Plum Oreos that are in pink and green colour? Interesting and definitely worth a try.

If you are someone who love trying out new Oreo flavors everytime a new one is released, then make sure you get your hands on these. We love Oreo cookies and when we first spotted the new Oreo flavours on the shelves, we immediately snag a few boxes to try.

A box of the new Oreo cookies (5s x 4) currently retails for $2.50 a box at major supermarkets. From now till 27 May 2021, you can enjoy it at an exclusive price of $1.95 a box at selected FairPrice stores.

Oreos with strawberry creme fillings are definitely not new but what makes the Sakura Strawberry flavoured ones special is that you get to enjoy the cookies and creme filling both flavoured with “strawberry”. Expect a more pleasantly-sweet cookies that comes with a stronger strawberry taste.

At first, we couldn’t tell what makes the green Sour Plum cookies, but after munching through them, it has left a notably sour aftertaste. Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t taste awful at all — they are in fact savoury that comes with a hint of sweetness balancing the sour taste.

Well, try it today and tell us what you think.

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