Chocolate-coated OREO® ice cream stick sandwich now available at $12 a box

Your favourite OREO® frozen sandwich, now on a stick and fully dunked in Milka chocolate

This is a real-deal dessert, combining some of life’s most glorious treats. You’ve got chocolate from one of the world’s most beloved brand Milka, two big OREO biscuit wafers and vanilla ice cream mixed with crunchy OREO cookie pieces

Are you drooling yet?

If you are then make your way to the nearest FairPrice Finest outlet and search for them in the ice cream section. A box of 4 sticks retails for $12.

Found at FairPrice Finest Jewel

You want to stock them up as soon as you can as we are not sure if you can still find them around though.


Lychee Orange OREO Cookies now available

Be the first to try the new OREO cookie

A new limited edition OREO cookies has hit the shelves! OREO in Lychee Orange flavour is now available at selected Cold Storage supermarkets at $2.95 a box. Each box contains 8 individual packets with 3 cookies each.

Upon unwrapping, you will spot red velvet cookies sandwiching a rich and aromatic lychee orange cream fillings.

Instead of the usual white cream fillings, you will be greeted with an orangey cream.

If you are someone who prefer a sweet and tangy flavour, this is for you. It tastes similar to the Fizzy Orange OREO Cookies that was launched earlier last year.





Limited edition OREO Birthday Sprinkles now available at FairPrice

Celebrate Oreo’s 110th birthday

Limited edition Oreo Birthday Sprinkles crème sandwiched between two crunchy chocolate wafers is now available.

It comes with a cooling after taste to deliver the “iced” sensation. Perfect pack for snacking at home or sharing with your loved ones when watching a movie.

Each box comes with 9 x 3s individually-packed OREO cookies and cost $2.45 at FairPrice. Buy 2 boxes for $3.80 from now till 6 July 2022.

At the same time, you can get a free OREO Tote Bag with $5 purchase of Oreo products. (including Oreo Birthday Sprinkles Multipack)

While stocks last, redemption at customer servicer/cashier counter.

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OREO with ice cream matcha filling now available; has a cooling sensation with green tea flavour

Try the new OREO cookies

Here’s a limited edition OREO that you must add to your must-try list. The new OREO Ice Cream Matcha is now available and it comes with an ice cream green tea filling . The unique flavour, as its name suggest, tastes cold when you lick the cream and for a moment, you’d think that you are enjoying a matcha ice cream. It contains erythritol which creates a cooling sensation that dissolves in your mouth. Definitely add an interesting twist to your usual OREO cookies.

You can buy them from Sheng Siong supermarkets at $1.35 per box.

Each box comes with about 10 cookies.

Perfect for green tea lovers.

Try them today!


Fizzy orange-flavoured OREO cookies now available

New orange-flavoured OREO 

Meet the OREO Fizzy Orange, a new flavoured orange-flavoured cookies found at local supermarket. A tangy orange cream centre sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits. Enjoy a burst of sweetness from the fizzy orange filling on each bite.

Each pack sells for $2.25 at selected FairPrice stores.

Found at FairPrice Xtra VivoCity

You will find a lovely orange creme in the middle.

The cookie is bursting with orange flavor and comes with a subtle fizzy taste.

Here’s a TV commercial for the new cookie that was recently launched:

Twist, lick, fizz.