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How To Train Your Replacement

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April 2021 marks my fifth year in the company that I have grown to love. As I explore other possibilities and leave my position as a directress vacant, it is my responsibility to train my replacement. I realized the importance of ensuring that someone else was able to do my job early on. I took the liberty to help my fellow directresses too.

It was not because I had brilliant foresight. Rather, it is due to the fact that I had an unpleasant experience during my turnover process. The person who was supposed to mentor me did not want to leave her post. Her bitterness was evident as she prolonged her exit. Nonetheless, I took it as an opportunity to learn from her. I did not want to make my replacement feel the same thing. Expanding the knowledge of others around you is necessary to keep the business moving forward.

Training your replacement does not have to be difficult or awkward. It just needs to be well-thought-out. Do you still remember the first time you picked up a task that was unfamiliar to you? The rollercoaster of emotions you felt on your first day as the boss is something that your apprentice will go through. You need to guide your replacement through methods or instructions on how to complete the tasks.

Start by providing a list of duties or a training manual. I, for one, have a copy of the Directress Training Manual. It is a comprehensive guide divided into several parts such as handling parents’ concerns. In addition to including the job description and important forms, you need to provide detailed instructions for each task. Allow the person to follow along and ask questions whenever necessary.

You read that right! You need to be prepared to answer questions and clarify instructions. Do not assume that your replacement will be able to absorb everything in a day. They will require both verbal instruction and hands-on experience. If he forgot a step during training, patiently remind him of what he missed.

Demonstrate how the duties are done. Watching you go through the steps will help the person feel the depth of your instructions. Make them feel comfortable by letting them seat down and write down notes. As long as you are still receiving paychecks from the company, you are part of the team.  Stay professional at all times.

Arrive on time and dress accordingly to the company’s policy. Do not make your replacement feel that you do not care because you are leaving soon. Instead, become a positive role model to him or her. Be prepared with today’s agenda and monitor the trainee. Lastly, introduce him to the people in your office.

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Show where your supplies, restrooms, and documents are. Tour him in the office and introduce him to your co-workers. This simple gesture can mean a lot. Let your trainee know what you are expecting to achieve within the day and impart your knowledge on the workplace culture. These details will help him as he adjusts to the new position.

Best of luck!

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