How to Secure the Right People for Your Business

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In my role as an HR Consultant, I’ve encountered numerous applicants, and it becomes evident quite quickly that not everyone is a suitable fit for the job.

While some candidates exude potential, others may lack that essential quality. The significance of hiring the right people cannot be overstated, as the wrong choices can lead to issues such as theft, dishonesty, or rudeness within the company. Establishing a formal hiring process is crucial for the success of any business.

To steer clear of regrettable hiring decisions, consider the following six steps:


Begin by defining the characteristics and values that align with your company culture. This forms the foundation for crafting a comprehensive job description and pinpointing the necessary skills and qualities for the role. By understanding the bigger picture of your company, you can evaluate potential candidates more effectively.

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Develop clear and detailed job descriptions for each position, outlining the responsibilities, required skills, and experience levels. Communicate these job requirements transparently during interviews to set expectations for potential candidates.


Pinpoint the top four responsibilities of the role along with the associated metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Providing clarity on these aspects allows employees to have autonomy, feel fairly compensated, enjoy their work environment, and foresee growth opportunities.


Develop an evaluation scorecard to assess candidates based on specific criteria. Conduct multiple interviews, involving various stakeholders like HR personnel and the reporting manager. Utilize behavior-based interview techniques, encouraging candidates to share how they handled challenges in previous roles. Asking about past challenges and enjoyable aspects of their profession provides valuable insights.


Take the time to verify references, as they remain one of the most reliable sources of information about candidates. Even if some businesses are hesitant to provide references, it’s worth the effort to seek out individuals who have worked with the candidate in the past.


Actively promote available positions by researching where potential candidates look for similar jobs. Leverage free platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to increase visibility. Effectively promoting job openings ensures that you attract the right candidates for application.

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By incorporating these steps into your hiring process, you enhance the likelihood of bringing in top-performing individuals while minimizing the risk of costly mistakes.

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