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5 Mistakes Women Make When Dealing With Health And Fitness Issues

In the last few years, the quest towards women attaining perfection has reached bizarre levels. Beauty and fashion companies have been guilty of projecting women according to a certain standard. In other words, a global benchmark of beauty has been imposed on the entire women population of the world.

All this has taken the attention to be healthy in one’s own body type. All human beings have been made different when it comes to our bodies. What works for one body type, might not work for the other one. In this article, we look at the top five mistakes women are making when it comes to health and fitness issues.

Why Women are confusing Health and Fitness with something else?

Women are going to extreme lengths to adhere to the global norms of beauty, style and fashion. Women are crash dieting to lose twenty pounds in a week. Going to the gym twice a day to gain muscle mass, or even going under the knife to get that flawless body types and sizes.

Health and fitness is being confused with beauty and fashion. Being size zero might be something, which a fashion magazine is promoting, but it can lead to serious health issues and loss of productivity. Our internal organs need to be healthy to perform day-to-day tasks efficiently. Going for a crash diet and fainting at work is not being healthy.

A serious problem in today’s society is that beauty and fashion magazines have substituted the advice of doctors, nutritionists and other certified medical practitioners. Women are learning what it means to be healthy from sources who do not have any expertise in the same.

5 Mistakes women make when it comes to health and fitness: The List

1. Getting influenced by Social Media and Peer Pressure-

The rise of social media has brought in the trend of making unhealthy comparisons. This has been more pronounced when it comes to issues like women’s health and fitness. It is best that women avoid getting influenced by what is happening on social media. This will prevent them from engaging in unrealistic expectations and focus on their own individuality. This will also allow them to take help from experts rather than influencers.

2. Not taking help from Medical Experts-

With the advent of digital and social media platforms, women have stopped paying attention to critical health and medical issues. For example, it is advisable that women do regular checks for breast cancer. However, the quest towards superficial and surface-level beauty makes them ignore this. Women should definitely check out treatments for breast cancer by Thomson Medical to look after themselves

3. Following a Food or Diet Plan blindly-

It is not necessary that a Keto diet or a Paleo diet might be good for you. It is advisable that before you start a diet plan, you should discuss it with your doctor or nutritionist. What might suit someone on social media, might not suit you. Even though you want to experience the same results, following a diet plan from the internet is not advisable under any circumstances. It is best to leave this to experts.

4. Too much Gym Time and Burnouts-

Everybody is made different and reacts differently to different kinds of activities and exercises. During the pandemic, so many health and fitness influencers have come on social media and started discussing home gym tips. This is wrong, as they are not taking into consideration the individuality or the health issues of their users. Always remember, if you want to change your body, 80% of it has to do with your diet, and 20% to do with your exercises

5. Not being Regular or Consistent in your Health Plans-

When it comes to health and fitness issues, it is important that we follow a steady and consistent regime. This helps our body become familiar with something, over a period. Following the familiarization, the body starts reacting to the same in a favorable manner. If you start a trend, a fad and keep abandoning it when the next one comes about, you will do your health a grave injustice. Being consistent always reaps rich dividends when it comes to health and fitness.


By avoiding the above-mentioned five mistakes in their lives, women can improve their health and fitness issues. Women should always remember that every one of us has been made special in our own way, and hence we should treat our bodies accordingly. Can you think of some other mistakes we can add to the list?

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