Creative Ways To Earn Money On Snapchat And Instagram

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Social media platforms have infiltrated our lives. According to the findings of the Connected Life by Kantar TNS global study, Singapore ranked third among the countries of APAC.

Third in which scale? Well, third in the usage of Instagram and Snapchat apps. Considering that Singapore’s connectivity speed is impressive, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are using these two apps.

Put your knowledge of social media into good use by earning cash on the side!


With the knowledge that social media allows daily access of diverse consumers, one of the most obvious methods to make money through this platform is to post an advertisement. For example, you may clean up the clutter in your closet and find the things that you deem to be unused or underused and sell them to your friends and family through Instagram. Or, you can turn your hobbies (e.g., baking cupcakes or making jewelries) into a home-based online shop.

You can either use your personal Instagram account or set up a secondary business profile. Instagram’s business profile allows you to add details (e.g., contact number and location) so that interested individuals can directly reach your brand. Interestingly, it includes a tool called “Insight” that enables you to learn more about your followers and to observe how your posts are performing.


It never crossed my mind that I could be paid to share a selfie simply because I am a blogger. I once gave a “shout-out” for a humble jewelry business while rocking some of their products. No! I am far from a huge celebrity nor am I as close as the famous social media personalities. However, I have a decent amount of followers. Marketers seem to ensure people like me when it comes to promotion.

Well, it might be due to the trust placed by the consumers. According to Singaporeans aged 16 to 24, they seem to accept the information shared by the social media personalities rather than the information distributed by the brands themselves. You may take advantage of this ideal by selling your selfies and shout-outs in Instagram and Snapchat (considering that you have a relatively huge following).

For instance, you can feature the songs of rising artists on your Snapchat live stories. Keep in mind that the stories are no longer auto-advanced, which is why you must maintain the interest of your audience.


How often have you seen websites with sidebar banners that publicize their partners and other affiliates? This is called affiliate marketing. The same principle applies when you are rolling it over to Instagram. You use affiliate marketing to receive cash for the sales of the products or services that you promoted. Use catchy taglines and vibrant HD photographs to drive more sales through an affiliate code or a URL (i.e., to be attached in your profile bio).


If you are ready to quit your social media addiction, consider selling your account along with the audience that you carefully built. Your hard work will not put to waste as budding businesses and other individuals are interested in managing an established account.

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Simply wipe out your sensitive information as well as all your uploads before handing it out to the new owner.

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