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4 Things that Prove It’s Better to Hire Movers in Singapore Instead of Doing a DIY Move

So you decided to move to a new apartment in Singapore. Congratulations on taking the big step! It is pretty rewarding when all your hard work has paid off and you can finally get a place of your own. But before the moving date, have you considered the possibility of hiring movers in Singapore or do you plan on doing it yourself? If you’re someone who has a jam-packed schedule all the time, the former can be the best choice for you. But of course, you ask – how much will hiring movers cost?

The most common misconception of moving with the help of movers in Singapore is that it burns a hole in the wallet because hiring one is more expensive than doing a DIY move. What they fail to account for is the costs of renting a truck, paying a couple of your friends to help you move the boxes from the old address to the new one, and of course, the day that you have to spare to spearhead the moving process. It’s not as easy as a day of hard work.

If there is one thing that Singapore movers know, it’s that moving is a long, tedious, and complex process. Plus there are also things that you need to understand when doing the move by yourself. Below are some of them that every mover, including you, should take into consideration.

  1. The pieces of equipment you’ll use in the move

First thing on the list is the truck. Of course you will need to rent a moving truck and be sure to get the one that can transport all your belongings. And if you think that’s it, think again. It’s not as simple as throwing your things to the truck and going to the new address.

What you need to understand is when you choose to move all by yourself, you won’t have access to the following materials used by moving companies:

  • Fuel to be used in the truck you rented for transportation (sometimes, you have to fill the tank multiple times).
  • Pieces of equipment like furniture pads, ropes, moving dollies, stretch wrap, and straps
  • Huge packing boxes, tapes, scissors and other packing supplies.

If you move to the new address all by yourself, you might have to rent or purchase most of the things mentioned above.

  1. A bunch of your time will be allotted to the moving process

We know. Most people think that time is not commonly quantified as a “cost” but the time you allot in completing the entire moving process yourself will eventually add up as the moving date is nearing.

Before the actual moving date, you will have to spend a couple of days packing all of your things and trying to find ways on how to organize them all for easier access. And of course, on the big day, you might have to take more than one trip from your old home to the new one during the transportation process (especially when the truck you rented cannot carry all of your stuff in one go).

  1. Stress, damages, and potential accidents and injury

Since you’re not a professional mover, the risk of some of your fragile stuff getting broken or damaged is very likely. When this happens, it can become pricey as you try to get it repaired. Additionally, you may lack the knowledge and techniques that professional movers have which can inflict injury to you and your friends and knock on wood, costing you trips to the hospital.

Going through these hardships can make the entire process stressful, which in turn, makes the moving experience horrible.

  1. Finding people who can help you and paying them

Even if you’re the strongest person in the world, you won’t be able to do the entire moving process alone. Save yourself the hassle. Ask for the help of some people to make the process smoother. But apparently, in order to keep them happy as they lift the boxes and transport the stuff, you will have to feed them and buy them drinks, which means that’s another cost on your end.

Wrapping Up

When you think about the things mentioned above and the actual costs of doing a DIY move, we bet you’d drop the idea right away. While hiring movers in Singapore means adding another cost on your move, if it’s going to save you from the hassle and unexpected expenses that moving brings, we think it’s worth it.



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