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4 Indoor Plants Believed To Attract Money

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There are a host of beautiful indoor plants that have powerful effects on one’s prosperity. Whether it be money or luck, the following plants have earned a reputation for bestowing those who take care of them.


As the name suggests, the Money Tree is recognized as one of the luckiest plants out there! Fung Shui principles highlight its abilities to purify air and to absorb radiation. It energizes the flat by increasing oxygen inflow and filtering air. To absorb radiation, it is recommended to keep the plant close to the Wi-Fi router, computer, or television.

The position of the plant is important too. You must keep it indoors in the southeast direction of the living room.


The Jade Plant or Crassula ovata is a succulent with small pink or white flowers. This common houseplant is native to South Africa and Mozambique. Much of its popularity is rooted from its low maintenance nature. It requires little water to survive in indoor conditions.

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With regards to its appearance, its shiny and smooth leaves appear to have a yellow-green color. The branches are impressively thick too.


Generally speaking, a bamboo is an amazing plant that brings peace and wise energy to your home. It teaches an individual how to be flexible for its spirit to freely flow or heal within. It is more than just an addition to your aesthetic!

In Feng Shui, the amount of stalks signify different aspects. Two stalks bring positive energy to your love life. Three stalks evoke happiness, five stalks give good health, and eight stalks bring wealth. Furthermore, a lucky bamboo with 21 stalks may bring good fortune and good health to your life.


Last but not the least is the Peace Lily. This deep green plant laced with white blooms helps you to prosper physically, mentally, and financially. It can detoxify your air and get rid of the following toxins: formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. Bid farewell to the medical expenses caused by these!

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Moreover, this type of plant is super easy to care for. It survives best in shaded or dark environments such as small offices and corner closets. Interesting, right?

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