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8 Cheap Ways To Feng Shui Your Home

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The Ancient practice of Feng Shui highlights the harmony between he individuals and their surroundings. It can help you create a happy home, a productive working space, and a beautiful garden. The usage of energy forces is within your hands!

Start improving your life while you are in quarantine by practicing these Feng Shui tips.


De-cluttering must be on top of your list as Feng Shui relies on free-flowing energy (chi). Let the chi flow smoothly without disruptions by clearing out the entryway of your home. Clean the dirt behind your front door so that you can open it all the way. Tidy up your space by getting rid of your dead plants, old newspapers, expired cosmetics, broken toys, and so on.

#2: FIX IT

Feng Shui focuses on well-functioning things around your house. Ensure that you fix the broken things inside your house to encourage good energy. Start checking your doors, windows, lights, floors, and furniture. Repair and revamp anything that needs to be tweaked.

Let us focus on your door. Tighten your doorknobs and fix your squeaks. Does your entry door squeak whenever you open or close it? It is helpful to put some oil into the door hinges to prevent this sound and to create more positive energy. Moreover, it reduces your frustrations upon coming in.


Cover the television inside your bedroom to create a tranquil environment for sleeping. If you have trouble sleeping, it is a good idea to cover your television with a beautiful scarf or a patterned fabric. The active energy of your television may be disruptive to your sleep. Create a calming energy by reducing the electronic stimulation.


To spice up your love life, you may consider adding plants to your love nest. Create hope and cheer to your bedroom by addin three indoor plants. Moreover, you must position your beed in such a way that you can see whoever approaches your bedroom door. A bed in a “commanding position” attracts strength, love, safety, and calmness.


Indoor plants are known to bring positive health effects to people, while colorful flowers brighten up rooms. These home elements are believed to improve a home’s chi. One of the lucky charms that you may incorporate to your home is a bamboo. Beyond its Feng Shui effect, it adds character to your interiors. Bamboo is a stylish plant that works well at promoting peace and tranquility.


Arranging your pieces of furniture in a circular formation encourages the smooth flow of energy. You can attract positive energy in your bedroom by strategically placing your bed so that it stands diagonally from your bedroom door. Avoid letting your bed face away from the toilet.


Flowing water is believed to drain the luck from your home according to Feng Shui. To counter this, you must introduce earth elements. Add accessories in warm tones such as yellow and gold accents. You may also put a fresh coat of paint in your walls or add yellow towels or gold rugs to lessen the elemental imbalance.


Dollar stores have a wealth of incense in their counters. Cleanse your home by burning incense. Ideal types of incense for this purpose are sandalwood and rosemary. Not only will the smoke clear your space of the negativity, but your home will also smell heavenly. You will love how the incense will create a cozy ambiance, while inviting positive energy in!

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