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6 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants That Purifies Air

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Many Singaporeans have dabbled into gardening in the recent months due to the limitations of the Circuit Breaker. One thing is for sure, bringing your first houseplant home can be exciting and intimidating.

With the endless varieties of indoor plants, you may not know where to start. Consider starting with these forgiving plants that will not easily die on your watch.


Plant lovers all over Instagram have been posting their own pots of Snake plants. Snake plants are aesthetically pleasing and are easy to take care of. In fact, it was the first plant that my uncle requested for when he moved into his new home.

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They do not need to bask in a ton of light and they can weather different conditions such as drought. Its blade-like leaves come in varying colors and patterns that offer beauty and air-purifying benefits.


Add architecture and personality to your indoor space by placing a Spider plant. A Spider plant has “spiderettes” or small plants, which dangle from its stems like spiders hanging from a web. These spiderettes can be planted into smaller posts as this plant loves to reproduce.

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Another benefit is its ability to remove harmful xylene, toluene, and formaldehyde from the air. It accomplishes this without harming your curious and beloved pets.


Aloe vera is one of my favorite plants because of its multi-purpose applications in the beauty and skincare industry. Although Aloe vera is a desert plant, direct sunlight can create black spots on its leaves. So, keep it away from the sun’s rays. Find a place that can help you take take advantage of its air-purifying benefits such as your bedroom.

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This plant is believed to have similar effects to a combination of air purifiers. Besides being a skin balm, it can also remove microorganisms from our air. Not to mention, its plump leaves can provide a soothing gel for burns and cuts. Allow this succulent to dry completely in between watering. You may water as little as every two to three weeks.


Ahhhh peace! Who does not want peace to enter their homes? Native to tropical rainforests, the Peace Lily delights in dim lighting. You can put it in a windowless office or an enclosed bathroom. This will add brightness to your space with its subtle white flowers. Moreover, it removes trichloroethylene gas and ammonia fumes from furniture and paint.

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When this indoor plant has had enough water, it will subtly droop its leaves. This is a sign to move it into a new pot for better drainage.


Like air plants, Bamboo can grown without soil. Simply place its stalks in a vase full of water with pebbles or marbles at the bottom. If your bamboo starts to grow beyond your first container, just upgrade to a new one without additional re-potting procedures.

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Aside from being low-maintenance, it is capable of providing a higher amount of oxygen in comparison to other types of plants.


If you have pollen allergies and you cannot seem to hold your sneezes with certain outdoor plants then, you may opt for the Rubber plant. A rubber plant cleanses the air by removing formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Its flowers and fruits do not grow often when its kept indoors too. Thus, they are perfect for newly painted or renovated flats.

The rubber plant can withstand neglect as it thrives in drier soil. They can be watered only once a week.

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Spruce up your home and purify your air with these forgiving and low-maintenance indoor plants!

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