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Feng Shui’s Guide To Attracting Luck In Business

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The ancient principles of Feng Shui can be used to draw more customers, to attract positive energy, and to create a financial foundation. Let us take the toilet or restroom as an example. The toilet is a “Yin” water energy space, which can have a draining effect in the sales.

If you do not want your sales to go down the drain then, do not call attention to your store’s toilet!


Location plays an important part in the business’ costs and revenues. For starters, owners must consider whether a particular location is accessible to their target clients. Now, let us add Feng Shui into the mix.

A good location includes a main door that faces the open space. The main door’s strategic placement allows light to enter. A well-lit office or store enables positive energy to flow throughout the day.


Without a shadow of doubt, people are influenced by emotions when making a purchase. In Feng Shui, emotions are symbolized by energies in motion. Create inviting energies by incorporating pleasant music, vibrant scents, quality air, and well-designed lighting.

The key here is motion! That being said, Feng Shui suggests that you change or rearrange your diplays on a regular basis.


To attract more customers and to stimulate sales, Feng Shui advocates that you keep things fresh! There are many ways maintain a “fresh” establishment without breaking the bank.

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Firstly, you may rotate your merchandise every season. Secondly, you may diversify the products offered in each branch. Lastly, online shops can provide a variety of options at different price points.


Speaking of online shops, your business’ website can act as a strong promotional tool. Stimulate the harmonious energy by setting a neat and simple homepage for your online consumers.

Furthermore, you can create a good business energy by using smooth or curved lines and graphics. You read that right! Avoid straight and sharp lines at all costs.


Cash registers must be placed in powerful spots called the “commanding positions”. Commanding positions are usually diagonal from the entrance.

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For the “lucky corners”, you may place the special products or the attractive products. Lucky corners are usually opposite and diagonal to the door. Adding plants to the lucky corners can increase the growth energy, which can boost sales.

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