Yu-Gi-Oh! x Hello Kitty and Friends Happy Meal Toys available at McDonald’s from 21 Mar 24

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The collaboration between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hello Kitty and Friends for Happy Meal toys at McDonald’s is a delightful fusion of two iconic franchises that are beloved by fans of all ages. Starting from March 21, 2024, 11am, these limited-edition toys will be available at McDonald’s restaurants, creating a buzz among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

To get you all excited, McDonald’s has posted a teaser on their Facebook page:

Each toy will be available with the purchase of a Happy Meal set, with 10 sets you can collect in total!

Here’s the full list of the Happy Meal combos:

  • Hello Kitty as Dark Magician (21 Mar – 27 Mar)
  • Cinnamoroll as Blue-Eyes White Dragon (21 Mar – 27 Mar)
  • My Melody as Dark Magician Girl (28 Mar – 3 Apr)
  • Kuromi as Slifer the Sky Dragon (28 Mar – 3 Apr)
  • Keroppi as Kuriboh (4 Apr – 10 Apr)
  • Pompompurin as Exodia the Forbidden One (4 Apr – 10 Apr)
  • Tuxedosam as Obelisk the Tormentor  (11 Apr – 17 Apr)
  • Badtz-maru as Red-Eyes Black Dragon (11 Apr – 17 Apr)
  • Chococat as The Winged Dragon of Ra (18 Apr – 24 Apr)
  • Pochacco as Time Wizard (18 Apr – 24 Apr)

Jonie Natsumi via Facebook

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