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The Thriving Coffee Culture In Singapore

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One of the most deeply rooted icons in Singapore is Kopitiam. Kopitiam is an age-old tradition that thrives until today. The country’s coffee culture dates back for about several centuries. It serves as a reminder of how diverse and rich our culture is. You see, the word “kopi” means coffee in Malay and the word “tiam” means shop in Hokkien and Fujianese.

Notice how people interact in Kopitiams. At Kopitiam, you will rarely see people who are working on their laptops. It exudes a laid-back atmosphere where people can read the morning paper, enjoy lengthy conversations with friends, or watch as the day goes by. What makes their coffee unique is how it is made.

Kopi is made from Robusta beans, a type of bean which contains a high dosage of caffeine. The beans are roasted in a wok with butter and sugar to enhance its flavor. The mixture caramelizes the beans and gives it a tempting aroma. Lastly, the beans are strained and combined with condensed milk. To experience a cup of kopi, you must visit famous chains such as Ya Kun and Killiney. Both of these chains go way back to the early 20th century. Would you believe that?

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In the modern days, independently owned cafes began sprouting like mushrooms. No neighborhoods or CBDs were left untouched! With its great prevelance, coffee has gone through several waves. I shall focus on the third-wave which is highend or speciality coffee. Third-wave coffee is a conscious consumption that highlights on the fair trade of coffee beans. Thus, it is an eco-friendly choice, which puts a focus on natural flavors. One can only imagine the methods they use!

Aside from the third-wave coffee model, some shops in Singapore offer subscriptions. It is a new dimension in the growing specialty coffee scene. According to the Perk Coffee founder: “The subscription model fits very well with the roasted coffee model. You want to make sure it’s very fresh and regular – small quantities, and frequently [distributed].”

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Do you agree that subscription coffee is the future? Will this help you save money and effort? Feel free to leave a comment.

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