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6 Budget-Friendly Ways To Be Healthy Now

Here are doable and inexpensive ways to lead a healthier life… 1. PRACTICE BREATHING EXERCISES Say you have a stressful day or you under slept, you do not have to go to the spa to loosen up the tension…spending 10 minutes or less in breathing exercises will help. Deep and controlled breathing keeps your mind and body at their optimal function, lowers your blood pressure, and improves your relaxation. Know about the 6 breathing exercises: Equal Breathing, Progressive Relaxation, Guided Visualization,



How to Keep Track of Your Personal Finances

How to keep track of your personal expenses

Often enough, we find ourselves getting caught up with unpaid bills and empty wallets in the blink of an eye. We ask ourselves, “Where did all the money go?” We scramble to track back the cash outflow from our bank statements, collating the many receipts we could find stuffed in our wallets, and rack our brains to think back on where the majority of our money was splurged to. The next moment, we spot something we desire and spend the


Credit & Loan

How A Couple Paid S$36K Worth of Debt In Just 6 Months

A couple from America has consciously decided to look into their expenses and pay off their US$27, 000 (S$36, 474) worth of debt in just 6 months. Jackie or better known in social media as The Paleo Mama and her husband sat down to discuss their finances since they were supposed to buy a house. If they are going to pursue in buying the house, they will get themselves wrapped up even more in debt. They found out that they


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4 Saving Tips You Must Know Before Buying Your Dream Car

Aside from your wedding or your house, a car is one of the biggest investments you will make in your entire life. You do not want to pay more that what the car is worth or get stuck in paying your car loan. This is why it is paramount that you do it right. 1. TIME IS ESSENTIAL Due to working hours, circumstance, and quota system, the best time to shop for a car is on the last weekdays of