S’Pore Yuletide Shopping Do’s & Don’ts

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Whether you are figuring out how to dodge awkward questions from your relatives or are planning your gift list, this article can help you navigate through the maze of holiday campaigns and attractive sales. Remember, the Yuletide shopping season will be even more cutthroat than the last. You best come prepared!


Are you excited drop by the Orchard Road? When shopping at the mall, look for stores or businesses that offer safety precautions for its customers and staff. These precautions include enforcing face mask policy, offering hand sanitizers at the entrance, encouraging social distancing, and providing contact-free payment options. Do you part in keeping the community safe by staying at home or by refraining from shopping if you feel unwell.


The massive growth of online shopping and deliveries will likely put an additional strain on the logistics that are already reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many customers have come to expect shipping delays over the past months, but these delays could become worse during the last few months of the year. Not to mention, the effect of the Yuletide season.

Thus, it is best to shop ahead of time. Plan your gift giving list and complete your Yuletide shopping. You can also opt for the store pick-up option. Some retailers such as Samsung and Uniqlo Singapore help alleviate shipping delays by offering the store pick-up option. Customers may purchase the goods online and pick them up in the store to avoid waiting for deliveries.


Despite your best intentions, the perfect gift may come with a hefty price tag. If you find that a gift can blow your budget, you may use your smartphone to check whether there are better deals elsewhere. Look into websites that post deals such as Money Digest or go to price comparison websites like iPrice.


Avoid biting into the holiday temptations by creating a game plan before you complete your Christmas or New Year shopping. Make a list of the gifts that you need to buy for the people whom you love the most. Weigh whether you can purchase these gifts online or in-store.

By equipping yourself with a list, you will be able to navigate through the busy malls. If you still have trouble resisting items that are not on your list, consider leaving your credit cards at home. Bring enough cash for your purchases.


Your credit card utilization rate is a vital part of your credit score. It refers to how much you currently owe divided by your credit limit. Thus, you must use your credit card wisely to prevent damage to your credit score. Do not get us wrong! It is understandable to have a higher balance over the holidays. However, please try to keep your utilization rate as low as possible. You can either spend less money, use cash for small purchases, or make multiple credit cards payments in a month.


It is important to educate yourself about shopping securely, given that many people have experienced data breaches over the past years. Monitor your credit and financial accounts regularly and exercise caution when submitting your personal information. Is it secure to provide your credit cards details over the phone? Can you click a random link sent through your spam folder? Be careful!

By proactively guarding your identity and sensitive information, you may be able to prevent fraud from ruining your holidays.


Do not let the flashy advertisements and the pressures of the season to tempt you to go into debt. The holidays can still be a joyous season even if you do not have gifts for everyone. If you do not have enough money for gifts, there is no shame in giving homemade gifts or being present in the celebration. Sometimes, the best gift is spending quality time with the ones you love.

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May these Yuletide spending tips help you survive the season with your wallet still intact!

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