Prosperity Burger®, Twister Fries™, Lychee McFizz® and Strawberry Pie available at McDonald’s from 29 Dec 22

Feast on a Reunion of Prosperous Flavours!

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with an abundance of auspicious treats! Enjoy a prosperous reunion with McDonald’s Prosperity Burger® and Prosperity Twister Fries. Don’t forget the new Lychee McFizz® and Strawberry Pie too!

Prosperity Beef Burger® (Single/Double)
Fuel your family moments with a taste of Prosperity! Juicy grilled beef patty dipped with our signature black pepper sauce. Complete with crisp onion slices and a toasted sesame bun.

Allergen information: Fish, shellfish, soybean and wheat
Food Sensitivities: Gluten, sulphite and MSG

Prosperity Chicken Burger® (Single/Double)

Bite into a reunion of delightful ingredients! Tender chicken patty, signature black pepper sauce and crisp sliced onions. All in a delicious toasted sesame bun!

Allergen information: Fish, shellfish, soybean and wheat

Prosperity Twister Fries™

It’s happiness all around with a returning favourite. Our auspicious golden curls are a definite smile maker.

Allergen information: Wheat and gluten

Strawberry Pie

Flaky pastry crust with luscious fillings and strawberry bits. A gush of sweet blessings awaits every bite!

Allergen information: Soybean and wheat

Lychee McFizz®

This new fresh and fruity drink is sure to put you in a bubbly mood! Enjoy a juicy burst of lychee and thirst-quenching soda in every sip.

Product is flavoured and does not contain actual lychee fruits.

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