Practical Ways To Stand Out As An Exceptional Employee

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There is more to an exceptional employee than mere attention to detail and laser focus!


You are happily employed at a small-scale advertising firm along with 8 employees. Your boss decided to gather all of you to discuss about the reinvention of your website. He asked your opinions about the potential problems that can occur with this shift. You raised a couple of issues including the lack of stock images. You immediately suggested to organize a cost-efficient photoshoot. Your boss was impressed!

As you can see, there is a fine line between highlighting and complaining about an issue. Pointing out the issue helps to get the attention of the people involved. However, it must not end there. You have to come up with realistic solutions to conquer the problems.


In my experience, there is always that one employee who exudes a pessimistic mindset in the workplace. It can lead to lack of motivation and poor work etiquette. Negative thinking may also start to rub off on other employees and reduce the overall productivity. It is important to find ways to handle the pessimistic employees.

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It is impossible to live in a world where conflicts do not exist. Stressful days are bound to occur as you need to meet the deadlines and work on a strict budget. Despite the emergence of these days, it helps to remain positive. A resilient employee is able to stay optimistic about the future and encourage others to share the same mindset even during the most difficult circumstance.


On a different scenario, imagine that you are a contributing writer for a large-scale lifestyle website. The boss assigns your daily topics but, you are free to come up with your own ideas. Your interaction with the team made you realize that your boss is passionate about Golf. You decided to do your research about the distinct sport. You wrote an article about it and handed it to your boss on the next day. Furthermore, you included 3 more topics that focused on the current trends in Singapore. Your boss was shocked – in a good way!

Outstanding employees do not wait for the tasks to be assigned. If there is an urgent need, they act upon it appropriately. They are proactive in other areas including communication. Instead of responding to a selected few about a project, they keep the whole team in the loop.


I witnessed a petty office brawl between two supervisors before. They came from divergent departments and each of them had a point. However, the other one was fueled with aggression and took things personally. A mediator had to break the tension between them. Obviously, you must deal with the same situation in a mature manner.

Exceptional employees are able to tolerate conflicts and take constructive criticisms. Instead of displacing the blame to other people, accept the idea that you need to make some changes.

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Committing a mistake is not a mark of a poor employee – failing to adapt is.

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