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Surefire Ways To Survive A New Job

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New year, new job! Congratulations on acquiring a new position. You have your budding career ahead of you!

Are you feeling excited or nervous? It may be exciting to begin a new phase of your career, but it can also be nerve-wracking to start from scratch! Review the following tips to ensure your smooth transition.


From drafting your resignation to completing your unfinished projects, you need to carefully plan out your departure. The same amount of careful consideration must be poured out to your arrival.

Upon arriving to your new workplace, notice the key locations and the overall environment. Where are the pantries, toilets, conference rooms, and so on. Find a place of solitude where you can retreat every once in a while. Remember to schedule small breaks in between your tasks to walk around the office. More importantly, ask for some lunch recommendations.


Aside from being qualified for the position, the hiring manager chose you because he or she deems you to be a great fit for the company. I remember when my supervisor told me that she strategically put my desk beside a co-worker due to my background in Psychology. She believes that I can help resolve some of my co-worker’s inner conflicts. I learned about her strategy after a year of interacting with my co-worker. It worked out for the best.

Catch onto the workplace culture and bring something to the table. If your department goes out to lunch every Friday, join them. Is your office looking for volunteers to help organize an upcoming event? Do sign up! Send the message that you are a good team player by respecting the unspoken rules and engaging in their social activities.


It is understandable that you will have a lot to catch up on as a new employee. So, use your time wisely. Rather than sitting silently on a corner after a meeting, ask your peers about the tricks of the trade.

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Keeping quiet will not establish a good impression! However, listening actively and asking smart questions will.


In spite of having years of experience and significant educational background, you can never know the answer to everything. Many marketing and advertising executives agree that new employees make a mistake of not asking questions. No one expects you to know it all in one or two days! Do not be afraid to ask your supervisor or co-workers on the processes as well as their expectations of you.

Requesting clarification entails that you are eager to get things right! While you do not want to bother others with endless requests for assistance, most people will be happy to help.

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The bottom-line is: “do not stress yourself too much”. No one expects you to get it right in the first few weeks! Ask questions, if necessary.

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