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Pocket-friendly solutions to soundproof your home

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From dawn to dusk and beyond those times, you’re facing unbearable noise thanks to your inconsiderate neighbours.

With working from home as the default for many at the moment, it’s starting to get on your nerves. You’re unable to sleep well, and now you have to put up with the excessive giant thumping footsteps and dragging of furniture during the day.

And guess what? You’re not alone. Based on official numbers by the Ministry of Law and National Development, neighbourly disputes rose significantly last year compared to 2019.

Have a look:

neighbourly disputes Singapore

Want to know the “proper” way to get back at your neighbours? Here it is, but just remember it’s going to be a long and tedious process:

flow chart on how to solve neighbourly disputes

Maybe a more intelligent way is to consider some pocket-friendly solutions to soundproof your home while you seek resolutions from the authorities.

#1: Fill air gaps

Holes and cracks on your walls and floor could be the very reason for your restless days and sleepless nights. Check that you’ve covered them with sealant or gap fillers so noise won’t be able to enter. It’s also a relatively straightforward operation to do on your own so you can save your money on labour costs.

#2: Install wall panels

We’re sure you’ve been to studios and noticed the thick panels stuck to the wall. Yes, those will help absorb sounds both from noise disturbances from outside and within the confines of your walls. You can easily purchase them online from Shopee, Lazada, or Amazon and self-install them using spray glue or double-sided tape.

#3: Put up dense curtains
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Maybe it’s about time you give your home curtains a new look. But this time around, don’t go for the standard types you can buy from the supermarket. You want to invest in a soundproof curtain that is dense enough to reduce noise. Unsure of how to get those? Head down to the stores and ask to be introduced to curtains made from triple-weave fabric.

#4: Buy sound-dampening door strips

If you have the budget to spare, go ahead and replace your doors and windows. But since we’re looking at pocket-friendly solutions in this article, a better way is to purchase sound-dampening foam or rubber door strips. A one-metre long piece is usually under S$10, and you can cut it accordingly to fit your home doors.

#5: Add rugs and carpets

As we come to a close, do you know that sound waves can bounce off walls and floors? Sometimes, it may seem like the noise is coming from your neighbours above, but the primary source could from the apartment below you. Hence, an excellent way to counter it is to buy furry rugs or those with frays to help absorb unnecessary noise. Get them from Ikea; they won’t cost a lot.

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