Declutter Your Space To Clear Your Mind

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An interesting study published by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute highlighted that “having multiple visual stimuli present within range of one’s view will result in those stimuli competing for neural representation”. In simplest terms, you are likely to get distracted when you are working in a messy place.

Clearing your mind may not solely rely on your working environment but, it is a good start. Here are some tips to efficiently declutter your space:


When you are faced with a task, you typically focus on the deadline. A deadline gives you a tangible quantity of time to complete your task. Apply the same ideal to your home.

How much time can you spare to organize your flat? Pick a space or a corner that you can realistically declutter within the given time frame. You do not want to end up with a larger mess than what you have started with!


Designate a specific day of the week as your “Cleaning Day”. My sister and I sets aside a portion of our weekends to cleaning the house. We drop either our Saturdays or Sundays to mop the floors, change the sheets, wipe the corners, and change the towels. This habit inspires us to continue a healthy routine throughout the coming week.


By buying more items beyond your household needs, you are making a displeasing matter worse. Keep clutter into a minimum by tossing or by donating these things aside. Prevent impulse purchases by asking your trusted partner or friend for advise.

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As I was about to sleep last night, I reflected upon my to-do list. I was determined to finish a single task to shorten the list. This made me adamant to organize my clothes before sleeping. Finding this glistening motivation helped me achieve the task. I was able to collate a donation pile too!

Find something or someone that will motivate you to clean your space. For instance, you may play your favorite songs or audiobooks while cleaning.


Starting with a fresh slate helps you to rigorously declutter your space. You need to know what items or products you own by taking everything out. Last night, I discovered several clothing articles that I have owned since 2011. It is embarrassing to see how many holes some of these clothes have. Needless to say, most were transported to the donation pile.

Once everything is out in the open, you can wipe the shelves and dust the corners. It will be easier to determine what you want to toss and to keep too.


Putting labels on everything is one of the reasons why I do not get lost at my boss’ office. Labels are utterly useful when multiple people utilize a common area.

You see, labelling your household storages allows your family to know where each item will go. They do not need to pull out random boxes (and make a mess) while searching for an item! You simply have to put chalkboard or paper labels throughout your space.


Contrary to popular belief, professional cleaners do not stay updated with the latest cleaning gadgets found at the TV infomercials. Professional cleaners opt for comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes instead. You may also wear knee pads to spare your knees from potential bruises. Furthermore, you may protect your hands against harmful chemicals by wearing gloves.

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