How To Save Money In Your 20s

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You are in your twenties! You may be thinking that you have the rest of your life ahead of you. Well, you are right. Whether you just graduated from university or are on your way to finish your final term, you can start sending out your Curriculum Vitae.

Finally! You landed your first full-time job, before the Circuit Breaker period started. During your first two weeks, you learned the rules of the trade. You were able to find your rhythm and your work tribe along the way. Then, you received your first paycheck.

You hold your hard-earned money in your hands. Suddenly, you felt like a kid in a candy store. You want to buy whatever you see with this newfound wealth. Are you going to blow off your paycheck in one day? Or, are you going to save it for the rainy days?

It is good to treat yourself every once in a while, but it is better to set aside some money for future expenses. You do not know what the future holds! With our crumbling economy, many establishments such as Robinsons department store have taken the hit. Robinsons stated that they will close some of its branches. Do not let yourself fall into the trap of bankruptcy.

You can do more in your 20s. Start with these tips:


Food establishments have been gaining more limelight these days. Delivery services such as GrabFood and food panda had been earning a significant amount of money as many Singaporeans are stuck in their own homes.

To get a taste of the outside world, establishments lure potential clients thru social media. A box of donuts sounds as tempting as a buy-one-take-one milk tea. However, you must limit your spending and sugar intake. Eliminate temptations by reducing your time spent on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. These are filled with display ads. YouTube is not safe either!


Budgeting is a system that keeps track of your cash-flow and enables you to stay within your financial capacities. Categorize your expenses based on your priorities.

Set aside a portion of amount on fixed expenses first. These fixed expenses include utility bills, rental costs, and transportation costs. Your variable or non-essential expenses shall follow suit.


Investing can be intimidating, especially when you have zero knowledge about it! Money Digest has a wealth of articles related to investments. Start reading these articles.

Nonetheless, consider investing small amounts of money and letting a professional handle your portfolio. I am referring to Mutual Funds. Seek help by using the right tools. You can even invest as little as S$100!

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What do you say to online shopping promotions? Not today, sir! It is easy to be trapped in the attractive promotions found online. Do you really need another phone casing or a night stand?

Billionaire music mogul Jay-z was once quoted saying: “You cannot afford something unless you can buy it twice”. Can you really afford two sets of AirPods? If so, is that necessary? You may want to wait a day or two, before you decide to purchase something from the shopping cart.


Since you are making a decent amount of money these days, set some financial goals for yourself. If you want to travel next year as most of the international travel restrictions will be lifted, then you may start saving now. If you want to live on your own by the end of the year, then you may start saving now.

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Always act with the future in mind. You hold the key!

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