Excellent Places To Find Low-Cost Uniquely Singaporean Souvenirs

Image Credits: Thomas Lok via Flickr with Creative Commons License (ND)

If you are traveling Singapore for the first time or if you are visiting relatives overseas, it is great to have a uniquely Singaporean keepsake with you. Looking for the keepsake or souvenir can be a challenge when your budget and time are constricted. But, not anymore! The key is to find the famous bargain shopping places that can be easily accessed. Thus, your shopping trip will only take a few hours of your day.

With that in mind, here are places where you can find affordable Singapore souvenirs:


There is no doubt in my mind that bargaining is widely acceptable in mostly all the shops at Lucky Plaza. This shopping center is conveniently located at Orchard Road so, you can simply drop by while you are cruising along the huge stretch of malls. The varieties of souvenirs that you can buy are abundant with a price starting from S$2.


Nearby the tourist spots such as Asian Civilisations Museum, the Esplanade Theatres, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Parliament House, and Funan DigitalLife Mall, Peninsula Plaza proves to be a go-to shopping center for cheap keepsakes such as magnets, postcards, bags, and key chains. The prices of these keepsakes range from about S$3-25.

Image Credits: Riza Nugraha via Flickr with Creative Commons License

Image Credits: Riza Nugraha via Flickr with Creative Commons License


A well-known bargain hub located opposite Bugis Junction is called Bugis Street. It houses a variety of shops that sell souvenirs such as clothing, bags, accessories, cups, magnets, chocolates, stamps, and so much more. The prices of these items range from about S$3-30. You may freely bargain with some stall owners.

Now, if you have no idea what to get for your friends and family, you may try to shop for these items:


Almost all the popular tourist attractions have automatic pressed penny machines where it is priced at about S$2 per penny. The engraved design of the coin features the name of the place where the souvenir was taken. For example, it is available at Universal Studios Singapore, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Zoo, and Gardens By The Bay.


The Merlion represents the roots of Singapore being a “Lion City” with its lion head while the body of a fish represents Singapore’s dawn as a fishing village. With a souvenir featuring the national icon – the Merlion, your gift recipient will surely appreciate where it came from. Prices of Merlion merchandise such as chocolates, key chains, magnets, snow globes, mugs, and picture frames range from S$2-20.

These Merlion-based are available at all souvenir shops.

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