IKEA’s new menu has Salmon with chilli crab sauce and mantou, Horfun, Iberico pork dishes and more

More reasons to dine at IKEA Restaurant

IKEA Singapore has introduced new items on their restaurants menu and we bet you can’t wait to try out. From Iberico pork dishes to Salmon with chilli crab sauce and mantou, and more.

Let’s check them out below:

Wednesday Dinner Special – Iberico Pork Menu (Every Wednesday after 5pm from 16 Feb – 30 Mar 2022)

New Menu @ IKEA Jurong

Local breakfast menu

IKEA now has Horfun on their breakfast menu and it will be available on Tuesday at IKEA Alexandra.


5 Mind Tricks That Restaurants Employ To Make You Spend

There are important things to consider while designing a new restaurant’s interior and its minor details such as the menu. One thing is for sure – you are building a business to boost your income. You may consider employing these Psychological tricks to help your sales.


What I told you that you can entice your customers to spend more with minor alterations? Yes, it is possible! Simply drop the dollar signs found on your menu. Customers become more aware of their spending when they are bombarded with currency indicators (i.e., $ or S$).

Research suggests that customers who were given a menu without “$” significantly spent more than those who received a menu with currency indicators in them. You may write out the price in words too (e.g., ten dollars). These techniques reduce the negative feelings associated with paying.


The Asian culture puts a great value on the closeness of family. Most of us work to aid our family members’ expenses. Restaurant owners and managers can use this unified value to their advantage by tailoring their brand.

You may either put the “names” of the relatives on the menu or on the establishment. Having “grandma’s soup” or “uncle’s supreme burger” on the menu can add a hint of nostalgia. While, you can name your establishment something similar to Papa John’s Pizza or Auntie Anne’s.


Whenever you are out to eat, you see wonderful colors that vary from the lightest to the darkest shades. It is no secret that colors can impact one’s spending. The sight of it automatically stimulates you and increases your memories, color-motivated behaviors, and social influences. For instance, green is associated with nature and other elicit relaxing feelings. It is used by cafes that want people to sit down for a long time. Just take a cue from Starbucks!

Image Credits: pixabay.com

From the logos to the interior, two colors seem to stay at almost every fast food chains. These two colors are red and yellow. Red and yellow stimulate appetite, which probably explains why your stomach starts to make noises as soon as you see the yellow arches or the red logo. You cannot resist spending more inside!


Previous research showed that customers scan through a menu and focus their attentions on the main course. With this in mind, you may influence the fixation of their eyes. Put the expensive dishes on the first page. People are likely to order the first few items that they are drawn to. You may add colorful pictures to tempt your customers with the dishes’ delectable flavors.

This technique works because of the Primacy Effect. Primacy Effect, in Psychology, is the tendency for the first items (presented in a series) to be remembered better than the rest. Another reason why this is effective is the utter comparison between the expensive dishes and the rest of the menu. The succeeding dishes seem to be reasonably priced compared to the aforementioned. People will pay more for good deals!


The beauty premium is the idea that attractive individuals receive higher salaries compared to the other side of the spectrum deemed as the “ugliness penalty”. Physical appearance is crucial to boosting a restaurant’s sales too. Having attractive fonts can add an irresistible tone to your menu and branding.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

You can highlight dishes using different colors or fancier fonts. The addition of pizzazz to the visual presentation increases its perceived specialty. However, high-end restaurants tend to avoid this technique. They tend to stick to minimalism as they do not want to appear “tasteless”.

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Eating Out? Make Healthier And Cheaper Choices In Just 5 Ways

With the influx and the variety of the restaurants, cafes, and other eateries island-wide, it is always a good time to dine out at the Red Dot. But…this does not mean that you can freely eat unhealthily or splurge a lot.

Here are 5 ways to work around it:


Before dining in the restaurant, make it a habit to check their menu online. Websites such as sg.openrice.com, yelp.com.sg, or hungrygowhere.com can help you locate a restaurant, identify its menu, and give you an estimate of the average spending. This will help you make tastier, healthier, and cheaper decisions.


Imagine being in an affordable buffet with all the calorie-rich food available at your arm’s length. It sounds tempting doesn’t it? Yet your health may be at cost. Instead of always opting for a buffet, consider ordering a single meal that is packed with nutrients!


Even if the restaurant appetizers are free, do your best to skip it as some of it are packed with calories. Appetizers are also made to fool your brain unto consuming more food that you intend.

Image Credits: wEnDy via Flickr

Image Credits: wEnDy via Flickr


Indulge and savour the taste of your food. Eating slowly will help you realize that you are actually satiated. Thus, you will eat and purchase just enough or even less.


I know I am not the only one who shares a deep fondness for desserts. A delectably sweet cake drizzled with tasty toppings can make you hungry for more. Although it is tempting, it is important to watch your sugar intake. Opt for lighter dessert choices such as sorbets or fruits. As for the salads, be mindful of the creamy toppings and the dressings.

Image Credits: Ralph Daily via Flickr

Image Credits: Ralph Daily via Flickr

With these simple ways, your tummy and your wallet will definitely be happy!


3 Delicious Valentine’s Day Dining Places Under S$50

They say that a quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you desire to impress your loved one without breaking the bank then brace yourself as I lay out the 3 Delicious Valentine’s Day Dining Places in Singapore That Are Under S$50…


Who would have thought that affordable yet scrumptious French cuisine exists in Singapore? Young chefs named Joshua and Dylan paved way for casual dining that serves renowned French dishes at reasonable prices.

Your special someone would definitely enjoy the simple ambiance and the taste of food that is raved all over the social media. One yelp.com user even wrote on that it was “90% as good as the dish served in Paris”.

Image Credits: saveur.sg

Image Credits: saveur.sg

Delicately handmade “Duck Confit” and “Seafood Pasta with Tiger Prawn and Lumpfish Caviar” are crowd pleasers. Their main courses start from S$10 while their desserts are S$7 and up. Generally, the menu’s maximum price is S$30. Saveur has various locations around the country namely in: Ion Orchard, Far East Plaza, and Purvis Street.


If your partner is looking to try something different then feast your way to Haji Lane where Piedra Negra Restaurant is located. Piedra Negra is a Mexican restaurant with “hippy” vibe, cultural ensembles, and colorful graffiti walls. Much like Saveur, the menu generally is S$30 and under.

Image Credits: facebook.com/Piedra.Negra.Haji.Lane

Image Credits: facebook.com/Piedra.Negra.Haji.Lane

The restaurant takes up two units and specializes on Latin American cuisine. If you are an expat looking forward for a taste of home then try their amazing handmade Guacamole that is certified fresh.


Named after the late Queen of France, Antoinette boasts its interior beauty that is known for its Parisian style tea and pastries. Antoinette’s selection of lavish treated and handmade dishes will be perfect for celebrating your perfect date. It is established by the Sugar Daddy Group.

Image Credits: antoinette.com.sg

Image Credits: antoinette.com.sg

Take your girl friends on a Valentine’s day lunch for high tea and ladies’ luncheons that you all can enjoy. Food generally ranges from S$5 to S$30. Honorary dishes include the “Beef Bourguignon” and the “Gnocci Carbonara”. If you are a dessert lover then I suggest for you to try the “Antoinette”, a sinful serving of Earl Grey ice cream, raspberry jelly, and milk chocolate shards.


How To Earn Decent Money While You Travel

Tired of spending money while you travel? Then, do the opposite instead. To help you survive on the road or to give your travel fund a boost, explore creative ways to earn money while traveling. Here are 5 Ways to help you start

Image Credits: Moyan Brenn via Flickr

Image Credits: Moyan Brenn via Flickr


Hundreds of job opportunities that cater to TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certified individuals, native English speakers or people who are fluent in the said language. A simple way to make a buck is to check out Dave Sperling’s ESL Cafe.

ESL Cafe is a website that is open for people who teach English and provides them students from around the world. You may send your resume or C.V. to schools and individuals in South Korea, China, Japan, and other locations.

You can also teach English online abroad  while you travel.


Whether you have a talent in writing, marketing, administrative work, advertising, legal work, engineering, illustrating, and web design among others…there are websites that provide opportunities for online freelance work. You can do your job anywhere even if you’re inside your Bali hotel’s balcony enjoying seaside view.

You can be an Odesk.com online freelancer. Payment is painless because Credit Cards, PayPal accounts, and Bank Accounts are accepted. There are work diaries that capture your work-in-progress and snapshots your screen so don’t try to cheat.


By getting a working holiday visa or a work holiday pass you may legally work in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, and Canada while you travel. The general age of qualification is aged 18 to 30. Aside from working, one sweet deal is that you may stay for up to a year in some cases.

Singapore also offers the same pass to people who studied or graduated in universities from nine countries namely: New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and United States.


In exchange for free bedroom accommodation, why don’t you work in either the hostel’s front desk or the cleaning services? Hostels are usually looking for new staff and the same goes for resorts.

For resorts, you make take on jobs on the front desk, restaurant, and entertainment department.

Lying on the country’s classified ads are cafe or restaurant job opportunities. Flip it open and apply. Explore your options to choose the best working hour that fits your travel itineraries.


There are tons of ways to earn and all you have to do is get creative.

Image Credits: martinak15 via Flickr

Image Credits: martinak15 via Flickr

What valuable talent or goods can you offer in exchange of money or free accommodation? You may teach Yoga or musical instruments, sell your photographs or timeshares, and housesit a property overseas. Your imagination is the limit!