Great Alternatives To New Year’s Resolutions

Research has shown that less than 10% of New Year’s resolutions were accomplished by the participants. If these people were hyped by the power of the new year, why are they likely to fail by February? The primary reason why resolutions fail is its tendency to be intangible. Moreover, it comes down to how an individual manages his or her habits. Instead of setting the bar high for yourself, consider the great alternatives found on this list. #1: CHOOSE A


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Money-Saving Fashion Resolutions You Must Keep

1. RECYCLE MORE OFTEN You can recycle your gorgeously patterned old clothes by sewing it into pillowcases or teapot covers. On the flip side, you can accept mint condition hand-me-downs from family and friends especially those who have baby clothes or infant toys. Do not be too picky! These said items are not utilized a lot since babies grow significantly every day anyway. 2. REFRAIN FROM USING CARDS A surefire way to save money while shopping is to leave your