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Surefire Ways To Gain Financial Willpower

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If you lack self-control or you are low in willpower, you may constantly catch yourself wondering where your paycheck went. Give these three strategies a sincere shot! You will be glad that you tried.


To understand how willpower works, you must imagine stretching a ribbon for seven days straight. The ribbon will eventually tear. The same principle applies to your willpower – “it loses its strength when you exhaust it”.

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Willpower affects the way you spend. Compared to people who have not exerted their willpower, people who are running low on willpower spend an increased amount of money and purchased additional items. It goes to show that multiple decisions can test your willpower’s strength. Thus, it is best to take one financial decision at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself!


Having a depleted willpower is not a problem because you can always search for someone whose willpower is stronger than yours. Choose a trusted ally that will support you for a common financial purpose. The ally may either supervise you or help you regulate your money.

If you trust the person enough (e.g., your parent or spouse), ask him to keep your money and not give it back until you have reached your goal. Alternatively, the person can regularly ask you how much you have saved and spend in the past two weeks. Be careful who you trust!


One of the primary reasons why institutions advocate credit cards is that it has the ability to distract the holder from how much they are spending. This is problematic for people who lack self-control or are low on willpower. They can pay their monthly bills thru credit without realizing the consequences of their purchases, until their minimum credit card bills became huge. It will take them years before they can pay off everything!

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The solution for this scenario can be as simple as leading a cash-only lifestyle. If you do not have enough cash to cover an expense, then you must skip it or save enough money for it. Commit yourself to this lifestyle for at least eight months. When you know what you are doing, you can eventually use credit in a smart way.

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