Exciting Ways To Spend Your S$20 In Singapore

Image Credits: Schristia via Flickr

Is it possible to have a fun-filled afternoon with just S$20? The answer is YES! From water amusement to taking the leap of faith, here are the Exciting Ways To Spend Your S$20 In Singapore…


Travel to Chinatown (for about S$4) and discover the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum then, spend the remainder of your money by eating at the Yummy Viet Restaurant.

Discover a rich heritage to gain a strong understanding of the Buddhist ways at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple And Museum (BTRTM). BTRTM has more than 300,000 visitors every month. The admission is free but you have to pay follow the rules before entering the Temple. The rules include wearing decent attire and not bringing pets or non-vegetarian food inside.

After the BTRTM trip, indulge your taste buds in healthy yet tasty Vietnamese food at the Yummy Viet Restaurant. Yummy Viet’s prices are affordable and reasonable. For example, the Chicken Rice Noodle costs S$7.50, the Beef Balls Noodle S$8.90, and the Deep Fried Chicken with Fried Rice costs S$7.90.


If you happen to be in Sentosa, you can try the “ParaJump” attraction including the Jungle Ride for S$19. ParaJump replicates a free-fall parachute jump through its safety harness and experienced staff. I have to admit…I am fearful of heights but after trying this, I felt a surge of fulfillment and happiness. Beyond the fear, the experience was thrilling.

Image Credits: instagram.com/agoncilloanna

Image Credits: instagram.com/agoncilloanna


Take all the books you can and pay only S$20! To participate in this BIG BOX SALE by Marshall Cavendish, you must fill up a carton with as many books you want. Categories include cookbooks, travel books, children books, entrepreneurship books, fiction books, and history books. Visit here to know more.


One of Singapore’s largest water theme parks called Wild Wild Wet offers exhilarating rides at inexpensive prices. From Monday to Friday, adults get to pay S$20 for the admission while children and senior citizens get to pay S$14 only. Toddlers are free to swim all year round!

The rides include braving the rapids with Ular-Lah, making your way to wacky curves and crazy turns at The Waterworks, and so much more. The best thing is that on May 26, you get to enjoy 50% off the entry tickets.

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