Why having some form of debt is not always a negative

You’re not alone in feeling bad about being in debt. Many people struggle every day with the weight of their debt. But what if we told you that debt doesn’t have to be a bad thing? Believe it or not, there are benefits to having some form of debt. Below, we will outline a few

Importance of transparency: Why you should share your debt situation with your kids

Your kids are going to find out about your debt sooner or later. Isn’t it better if you’re the one who tells them? Debt is a difficult topic to discuss, but it’s something that parents need to be open and honest about with their children. Why? Because secrecy can only harm. It can cause serious

Should You Go Into Debt to Pay for Unexpected Auto Repairs?

The cost of owning a car does not end when you buy it. There are plenty of considerations that you must take into account, including unexpected auto repairs. Car repairs are not cheap and can even be unreasonable at times. If you’re buying a new car, this won’t be a problem since it will come

4 Tips to Deal with Debt When Married

“Home life ceases to be free and beautiful as soon as it is founded on borrowing and debt.” – Henrik Isben One of the most common issues that individuals bring into a marriage is debt. Money is high on the list of topics that couples fight about, and it is the among the top reasons

Have You Heard About the Debt Snowball Strategy?

WHAT IS THE DEBT SNOWBALL STRATEGY? Popularized by personal finance author Dave Ramsey, Debt Snowball is a strategy used for paying down debts. It focuses on paying off your smallest balance first before moving to the larger ones. The person lists down all his or her debts and categorizes these debts from smallest to largest.