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Fun & Inexpensive Halloween Crafts For Kids

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One of the events that children look forward to every year is Halloween. It is possible to stir up a spooktacular Halloween celebration while maintaining an inexpensive budget. Simply use the art materials and common craft supplies that are readily available in your home.

Create these projects with your children to see for yourself!


There are two types of activities that you can do to with little preparations. You can either do the Water Balloon Pop or the Jellyfish Paper Craft. The former is a messy activity, which is best played outdoors. Gather twelve vivid balloons corresponding to three colored papers. Cut several circles out of your colored papers. The colored papers must match the color of the balloons. Then, fill up the balloon with water. Stick the papers on the wall. The objective of this game is to pop the balloon directly to its corresponding target. The person with the most accurate throws will win.

For the latter, you must gather yarns or strings, markers, paper plates, and paint. Cut a paper plate in half to create the dome-shaped head of the jellyfish. Staple holes on the bottom of the plate and attach the yarns or strings. Paint the paper plate to complete this lovely sea creature.


For a monster-themed Halloween, you may start by building your own monster out of modelling clay. Attach art materials such as moving eyes and fuzzy wires to your sculpted monster to complete its look. You may also create monsters using popsicle sticks. Attach five to seven sticks together to form a vertical file. Paint on the sticks and add refinement of details by using markers. Let your creativity shine through!

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Secondly, you may use a green and a black paint to create your own Frankenstein handprint. Half of your child’s hand will be painted black (i.e., Frankenstein’s hair) and half will be painted green (i.e., Frankenstein’s head). Press your hand on a paper and let the paint dry. Finish the craft by drawing details on your hand print such as its signature screws.

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If you want to embrace the “Mummy” as your spooky theme, you may use two rolls of tissue paper to create a mummy race. Let your children use one roll of tissue paper to wrap you and your spouse. The person who wraps the mummy the fastest will win. You may also encourage them to decorate the mummy afterwards by using washable markers and non-toxic paint.


If your child is fond of spiders and Spiderman, fill up the room with spider décor. You may create a spider Halloween wreath or a spider sticks web. For the Spider Halloween wreath, all you have to do is to gather twigs that have fallen from the tree. Glue these twigs onto a piece of cardboard to create a base for your wreath. Embellish the wreath with some cut-out spiders.

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For the spider sticks web, you will need scissors, yarn, paint, glue, and popsicle sticks. Stick the popsicle sticks together to create this shape: *. Then, paint it white and add some black or orange yarns. This will enable you to tie the craft to your doors or ceilings. You may add some cut-out or toy spiders to increase its effect.


You can either put ghosts on your candy paper bags or your Halloween cards. Start by purchasing white paint and brown paper bags. Turn your ordinary paper bag into a glowing ghost bag by painting on it. You may put the candies inside once you are done.

The last craft is quick and easy. Cover your child’s feet using white paint. Let your child press it on a colored paper. Once it is dry, you may decorate your very own ghost. Enjoy!

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