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4 Surefire Ways To Create Better Study Habits At Home

Ministry of Education announced that lower primary and lower secondary students will continue with home-based learning (HBL) after June holidays. These arrangements were made to “ease into full resumption of school” when Term 3 starts on June 28. Studying from home can be challenging! All of us have study habits that we would like to break and others that we would like to develop. People often blame these unpleasant habits to laziness or unhealthy personality. However, Behaviorism dictates that we


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Countries That Offer Unbelievably Free University Education For All

As the cost of higher education catapult over the years, undergraduates around the world have one thing in common – they are susceptible to an enormous pile of debt. The Tuition Fee Loan Schemes and total student debt vary globally. For instance, in Japan, about US$5 billion in student debts were past due last 2011. In America, the college students’ debts summed to over US$1.2 trillion in 2013. Looking no further, in Singapore, one-third of the local students who graduated