Affordable Salons That Offer A Good Haircut

Freshen up your look without burning a hole in your pocket by checking out one of these inexpensive salons… Pick a hair colour here before a visit to the hair salon. #5: HARTS SALON First on the list is the homegrown brand called the Harts Salon. Harts Salon houses a team of talented stylists, which is spearheaded by the award-winning stylist Noel Ng. There are two reasons why you must consider giving this salon a try. Firstly, the stylists practice


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4 Ways To Get Cheap And Beautiful Hair Coloring Services In Singapore

There are days when you just want to reinvent your look and go wild with different hair colors. But, not all hair services in Singapore are cheap! Some may cost you over S$200. Fortunately, there are other ways to tell your beautiful story with your hair as the canvas… 1. INDULGE ON GROUPON GROUPON is probably my all time favorite shopping companion. Used by many Singaporeans, GROUPON is a website that offers discounted deals on events, luxury goods, bags, watches,