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8 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Leaving You

The reasons why an employee desires to leave may be obvious, such as wanting to pursue better opportunities or feeling underpaid. These reasons provide a better understanding of how you can improve your organization’s processes and recruitment strategies. So, why do employees leave and what can you do to prevent a good employee from quitting? #1: LACK OF APPRECIATION Recognizing the efforts of employees can increase their motivation. When a company and its management ignore the employees’ accomplishments, they may


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Exit With Grace – Here’s How To Quit Your Job In 2022

When shifting jobs, professionals should communicate their decision to quit with respect and gratitude. Leaving professionally and ensuring that you do not burn any bridges is the best way to welcome new opportunities ahead. While it may be entertaining to quit in a grand public gesture, it should probably stay as a dream.   Here are five helpful tips that you can employ when you lodge your resignation this 2022. #1: BE DIRECT After days of careful contemplation, you realized