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More Women Breadwinners: When She Makes More

Evolution suggests that men are designed to hunt while women gather. Gender stereotypes also encourage females to stay at home and to take care of the off springs. But…times have changed. More Women Work Based on a study by Prudential Company in 2012, approximately 53% of the sample were women breadwinners while only 22% were married or living with a partner who made more than them. Furthermore, other research showed that about 70% of mothers with children aged 17 and



5 Free Money Management Apps to Increase your Savings

Money Tracker App

In order to decide on how much you shall save, first you must be aware of how much you are spending. Expenses can be categorized as either fixed or variable. Fixed expenses remain the same every month or year due to Singapore’s laws and Company service-provider terms (e.g. Hand Phone Plan, or HDB Rent). Variable expenses include food, entertainment, clothing, and other expenses that may change every month or year. The challenge now is for you to choose on which