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Advantages Of Having Multiple Sources Of Income

Times are tough. Amidst the chaos, who does not have an additional source of income? Side hustles are lifelines in this ever-changing economy. As my full-time position is on halt due to school closures, I exhausted all of my efforts in writing for a couple of websites. Having multiple income streams allows you to secure your savings in the long run. If you are working full-time as a teacher and are selling cupcakes on Instagram, then you have two income


Career and Enterprising

The Ultimate Guide To Making Extra Income

The start of 2018 sparks new opportunities for growth and prosperity. As we usher in a new year, you must not box yourself to the usual 9 to 5 jobs. Your potential to earn extra income is beyond the conventional choices. Contemplate on these creative ideas: 1. Gone are the days when employers rely on the physical presence of their assistants. Virtual assistants (VA) help ease the workload of business owners through remote support. Become a home-based VA by applying



Income versus Expenses: How Are We Faring?

Income Expenses

Singapore is not cheap, which makes you wonder, how do we thrive? To help us understand better, let’s talk about our cost of living. Housing In general, the property prices in Singapore are going down, thanks to the efforts of the government, including reducing the loan-to-value ratio and capping home loans up to 35 years. Moreover, you have several property options, although more than 75% of us live in HDB flats, of which the cheapest can be a 2-room home


Personal Finance

Lost? Here Are Sensible Money Tips From 3 Financial Experts

Tangled in a financial dilemma? Who will you ask for monetary advice or practical financial tips? If a professional is out of your reach, the next best thing is to read about their nuggets of wisdom. This is why I collated the best financial advice from three experts. These experts are no other than Suze Orman, Cullen Roche, and Jeanne Kelly. Suze Orman is an American Financial Advisor, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Presenter. Cullen Roche is the Founder of a



The Lure Of Income Investing

We have often heard of the term “Income Investing”, but what is it and why it should concern you? Income investing is essentially investing into assets that produce income for you. This could range from investing in stocks that reward investors with dividends, purchasing a residential property and renting it out, etc. I particularly want to zoom into the stocks side because that’s what I have been doing and more people can benefit from this article because owning a property