Boost Your Financial Life By Creating A Reverse Bucket List

Whether you want to lead a simple life or an extravagant one, having financial goals gives you direction. It steers your focus on the things that you want to achieve at a particular time-frame. It has the power to make you more hopeful about the future. However, having financial goals may not work for everyone. You see, others can get frustrated upon seeing the milestones that they have not achieved yet. Do not worry! There is a solution. Look at



What On Earth Is Goal-Based Investing?

First and foremost, we must define what traditional investing is. Traditional asset allocation optimizes the structure of a portfolio based on a generalized approach. Although it typically suits the needs of the institutional investors, it is not necessarily adapted to suit the needs of a private investor. A private investor, such as yourself, tends to create different portfolios corresponding to different needs. On the other hand, goal-based investing is a relatively new approach in investing where the end justifies the



How Much Cash Should You Keep In The Bank?

You are a responsible adult living in the most expensive city in the world. With this in mind, how much money should you have in your savings account? This may sound like a basic financial query, but it is hard to extract a straight answer from it. Make things simple by aligning your goals with the volume of your savings. Here are just some goals that you may tap with: GOAL #1: BUILDING A SAFE NEST FOR THE GOLDEN YEARS


Career and Enterprising

How To Face The Challenges Of Stressful Deadlines

Love-hate relationship is a perfect description of my affair with deadlines. Deadlines are important because they give you a structured workflow but, it can be very stressful at times. Not to mention, you may encounter several due dates scheduled all at once. Picture yourself heading towards the end of the day while accomplishing about 30% of your task or project that is due tomorrow. The clock is ticking fast. The real pressure is on. If you feel like panicking –


Personal Finance

Quick And Simple Ways To Fix Your Financial Clutter

In the daily hustle of the city, being a busy bee is hard work but, that is not an excuse to remain untidy with your finances! Simply spare at least 20 minutes of your time to manage your own finances with these four ways: 1. IDENTIFY YOUR FINANCIAL VALUES AND GOALS Without underlying values and goals about money, you would not be able to fully integrate it to your life. Thus, the essential first step is asking yourself: What are