Personal Finance

How To Make Better Money Decisions

When it comes to handling your finances well, there is a plethora of information available online and in the nearby library. Educating ourselves and widening our financial literacy is the first step to making better financial decisions. Often, there is no single path that will lead us to the “right” decision. Instead, we must walk the path using different strategies and methods to come up with the best financial decision. Start with these steps. #1: EDUCATE YOURSELF Gather as much


Tax & Estate Planning

What Happens To Your Finances When You Die In Singapore?

Technically speaking, all the monetary value that the deceased left behind belongs to his or her estate. This estate includes bank accounts, investments, and properties. The only exceptions are the assets held in the trust and the individual’s CPF money. All the assets will be frozen once a person passes away. The professional assigned to go through the departed’s Will is known as an executor. An executor is usually a family lawyer or a trusted relative. He or she applies