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Struggling With Writing? Try These 5 Solutions

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Writer’s block happens unexpectedly, and always with its ridiculously bad timing. Having a backup is handy when you need to take your foot off of the creative gas pedal. But when a backup isn’t as available, there are a few other ways to get the job done.

1. Guest Blog Posts

When your writing hits a wall, the simple solution is to Buy Guest Posts. This is the best way to retain the quality of your current writing style without any drop-off. It also has the upside of introducing your company to reliable professional writers. Networking is always a good thing, and a guest blogger will likely have countless contacts. By hiring for contract work you are essentially broadening the company’s professional visibility. The price and minimal time effort required for this temporary partnership is a big deal for any company.

2. Keep Writing

Writing struggles are one of the few mental blocks in the world that you can power through. Many successes happened after a writer ignored their struggles by pushing through to the end. Companies that have a schedule built around crunching are already familiar with this process. Time is expensive, so every second is lost revenue. Instead of lamenting a lack of inspiration, find it by firing up your stubbornness meter. Most writer’s can get a handle on their creativity with a little bit of forced confidence.

3. Read

When your brain is going into overdrive, focusing on the subject becomes impossible. Center yourself with a good book. This small leisure activity lets your brain rest without fully turning it off. For writer’s block, reading is a much better choice than television or surfing the internet. With reading, you soft drift into a calm mental state. With television or the internet, your brain gets turned off and may not come back on in time to meet work commitments.

4. Sleep

Sleep is a drastic step for struggles with writing, but very necessary. Burning the candle at both ends leads to sloppy writing, and puts the majority of the pressure on an editor. Unfortunately, if you’re also the editor, then prepare for a minor meltdown. Try to understand your creative limits so that calling it a night is a ‘to be continued’ rather than a failure. There is no shame in taking a mental health break when you can’t be creative.

5. Revisit Old Topics

Some of your old articles may have touched on subjects that are still relevant. You won’t always get to say everything on a single posting. When writing is tough, use old topics as a reference for new writings. There is always a different angle to revisit, and if it is interesting enough then the engagement will be high. As a bonus, you can mention the original article for extra clicks.

Start Strong

A business is put in a bad position when its writing team falls behind. Writer’s block happens to everyone, so respect its danger by being prepared. The earlier you understand the solutions, the quicker it is you’ll get back to writing at full speed.


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