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Which Professional Careers Can color Blind Individuals Not Apply For?

Remember when we were kids and everyone wanted to grow up to become a doctor or a policeman? At that stage, very few of us would have thought how color blindness could stop us from pursuing our dream career.

In most instances, we are not even aware that we suffer from a condition of color blindness. It is only when we are tested when we realize that we suffer from partial or complete color blindness. While this may come as a bummer when you are applying for your dream job, you must know about career options where color blindness is not accepted.

In this resource article, we are going to discuss what is color blindness. We are also going to explore five professional career options where color blind candidates are restricted.

What is Color Blindness?

color blindness is a medical condition where individuals cannot differentiate between different colors. The most common mix-ups take place when it comes to reds and greens. This is different from being completely blind.

Individuals that suffer from color blindness have compromised photoreceptors located in their eyes. According to eye doctors, the human eye has two photoreceptors-

  • Rods-

This helps us in seeing in low light or dimly lit situations. It deals with the human eye’s peripheral vision. More importantly, rods in the human eyes are not responsible for differentiating between colors.

  • Cones-

Cones are located in the central part of the retina and are responsible for the processing of colors. They help in helping us see details minutely. In color blind individuals, it is the cones that stop operating the way they should.

Experts point out that there are just three major cones that help us see colors- green, red and blue. In the following section, we look at some career options that color blind people cannot apply for.

List of 5 professional careers color blind individuals cannot apply for

  • Medical Doctor-

If you are color blind, you cannot become a doctor. This is because diagnosing someone by looking at the color is something that is integral to the discipline. Doctors need to be very observant and spot issues in patients by touch, sight, and other sensory perceptions. If your sight is compromised, it is impossible to discharge your duties and responsibilities as a doctor.

  • Graphic Designer-

Some career options require professionals to have a heightened understanding of color. For example, a graphic designer needs to be on the top of their game as far as reading and interpreting colors go. This can help them create engaging and attractive website UI/UX or social media posts. Being color blind is definitely not an option for a graphic designer.

  • Police Officer-

Again, if you are in law enforcement, you need to ensure that all your sensory receptors are working properly. A police officer needs to distinguish between crucial pieces of evidence. From the color of an overspeeding car to the jacket that was worn by a potential suspect. A lot of the job of a police officer is about seeing, evaluating, connecting, and establishing.

  • Electrician-

If you have ever seen the electrical panel in your home, you must have seen a prominence of green and red wires. In this industry, cutting the wrong wire can result in immediate death. This is one career option that color blind individuals should strictly avoid. The foundation of the entire industry is color-coded making it impossible for color blind individuals to join.

  • Aeroplane Pilot-

Like the electrician, a pilot needs to read thousands of signals, flight paths, contours, and weather patterns. All this is a critical part of their role to ensure the safety of everybody on board the flight. Pilots need to go through extensive color blind testing to ensure that they are passing through checks. This is a process that is repeated to assess flying fitness.

The Bottom Line

While there is no medical cure for color blindness, there are numerous new technologies that are coming up. For example, glasses and lenses can help in distinguishing between colors. color blindness can be genetic in nature or be the result of a medication gone wrong. Studies have also shown how diabetic patients suffer from color blindness over a period. If you have any other questions, you need answers on color blindness, let us know in the comments below.






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