How To Preserve Your Currency Collection Effectively

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Currency collection is both a hobby and an investment to many people. After reading the “Newbie’s Guide To Collecting Currency In Singapore”, it is time to know about the ways to effectively take care of your collection.


Employ some precautions when handling the banknotes and the coins. To pick up your collection properly, you can either use a pair of trusted tweezers with studded ends or wear a pair of cotton gloves. Avoid using your bare hands as it may stain the coins and soil the notes. Furthermore, your collection may absorb contaminants that may damage it.


To create an appropriate storage environment for your precious collection, start by finding a dry place that avoids direct sunlight and artificial light. The high levels of ultra-violet rays are not only harmful to us but also to the notes. So store it at a constant temperature of 20-24 Celsius with a relative humidity of 45-55%.

Notes and coins are best kept in small containers, protective holders, and albums. Or you may purchase a safe for your home to avoid paying the recurring fee of renting a safe deposit box.


More than anything else, improper cleaning has damaged valuable coins. For example, un-circulated coins should never be cleaned as improper cleaning can cause permanent loss of value, original mint finish, and antique color. This is why experienced collectors and dealers recommend that the experts should only be the ones to polish coins.


To help detect deterioration at its early stages, you must regularly inspect the condition of your collection. Complete repair may no longer be possible if the deterioration is discovered too late!

Image Credits: (CC0 Public Domain)

Image Credits: (CC0 Public Domain)

When you decide to take action, always seek the advice of an expert regarding the cleaning or restoration procedures as unqualified attempts will more likely cause a decrease in its value.

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