How To Preserve Your Currency Collection Effectively

Currency collection is both a hobby and an investment to many people. After reading the “Newbie’s Guide To Collecting Currency In Singapore”, it is time to know about the ways to effectively take care of your collection. 1. HANDLING Employ some precautions when handling the banknotes and the coins. To pick up your collection properly, you can either use a pair of trusted tweezers with studded ends or wear a pair of cotton gloves. Avoid using your bare hands as


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Newbie’s Guide To Collecting Currency In Singapore

Welcome to the wonderful world of currency collection! History manifested coin and banknote collection as a pastime for scholars. Nowadays, being a scholar is not a mandatory feature of a collector. It is the interest towards currency collecting that drives this hobby into motion. Banknotes are unique collectible pieces that  embody arts, culture, politics, history, and distinct serial numbers. Coin collecting, on the other hand, has been popular since the medieval times (collected by the European monarchs in 1500s). As