How To Keep Your Sanity When Working Overtime

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Spending extended hours at work is tough – to say the least. When you cannot stop thinking of the looming tasks ahead, you will end up more tired as the day ends. This is not beneficial for your sleep and your holistic health.

When you leave the office, you must make sure to leave everything else there! This is just a tip to keep your sanity. Here are the others…


Make sleep one of your top priorities! Quality slumber is a good weapon to possess while you work overtime.

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Sacrificing your sleep for the sake of your job is destructive not only to your physical, but also to your mental health. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation was associated with a myriad of unpleasant things such as lack of concentration, weakness of muscles, and increased food consumption. Other things will start to fall into place once you had a good night’s sleep.


You may be working for 10 hours today, but you are not the only one! Having a person to talk to makes the long day seem more tolerable. Cultivate a genuine friendship with someone at work. Finding a work friend does not change the fact that you are working overtime or on the weekend, but he or she can make the extra hours more enjoyable.

Your work friend can serve as a source of validation and distraction. After all, he or she knows exactly how you feel. However, you must not constantly bombard the person with your negative complaints and stories. Doing this will make your relationship toxic! Treat your work friend as an outlet to mutually boost your positive mood.


Constantly enduring and accepting the long hours can lead to a counterproductive cycle. This said cycle begins when you reach high “overtime levels”. Continuous battle with the extra hours can lead to the depletion of your health. Absenteeism may eventually rise. Unfortunately, this leads to more overtime (i.e., to make up for the pay loss).

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Maximize your resources to deal with the situation. When all else fails, voice out your concerns to your employer. Feeling burnout or highly exhausted is not something that you should take lightly.

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