Feeling hot and humid? Spray this on your clothes and you will feel cool as though you’re in an air-conditioned room

This will be your lifesaver on a hot and humid day

Koolfever is Japan’s best selling fever relief pad and the popular brand has launched a new product for those who need heat relief on a hot day.

Meet the Koolfever WearCool, the latest innovation that brings you a cooling sensation when sprayed to clothes. It delivers a cool relief using an effective cooling ingredient (l-Menthol) for up to a period of time. Spray on your clothes to feel refresh anytime, anywhere.

You can purchase a bottle for S$11.31 on Shopee.

This is definitely something you want to bring it with you on the go.

According to reviews, the cooling effect can last up to 40 minutes which comes with a refreshing mint smell.


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