Entertaining Money Activities For Kids

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Financial literacy starts to develop while you are young. Discussing financial skills with your children through stories and practice is crucial to their development. Aside from this, they can learn through the examples you set. Hence, you have to find entertaining yet strategic ways to introduce some money concepts.

Teaching children how to count money does not have to be a snooze fest! Pass down positive financial matters through these money activities:


Introduce the concept of saving directed to a specific goal. Simply ask your children what they want to buy with their money. You may provide recommendations of the toys, video games, gadgets, and stationery items that they shall save money for. After identifying the end goal, provide your child with an assortment of art materials that they can use to create their own animal bank. Below are just some of the suggested materials that you can use:

a. hot glue gun
b. scissors
c. googly eyes
d. egg cartons
e. milk cans
f. empty coffee cups
g. baby food jars
h. newspaper
i. glitter glue
j. clear glue
k. markers and pencils

This project also presents an opportunity for you to introduce the importance of recycling. Gather recyclable supplies and be as creative as possible. Afterwards, you may have your children draw the specific item on the side of the animal bank. Through this, they will be motivated to get what they want.


Children love messy play! However, adults have a hard time cleaning it up. What if I told you that you can conduct a “messy play” activity with little mess? Well, start by buying a clear slime. Slime consists of non-toxic viscous material such as guar gum. Squishy and gooey are just some of the words that can best describe this toy.

Slime is a great sensory toy. Sensory toys are designed to tap the child’s five senses. By using slime, you can introduce new financial concepts by encouraging exploration. You can help your child understand the world around him or her by putting coins inside the slime. Ask your child to sort all the coins that he or she digs up. Interestingly, you may join your child as slime can have a calming effect on an adult. It shifts the focus from the demands of work to the unique texture of this toy.

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As a preschool teacher, I have witnessed how fond most kids are of scribbling and illustrating. They want to draw on different papers, tables, walls, and mirrors. Do not get me started with what they do when they are handed with a paint brush! Put this artistic energy to good use by asking your children to draw their own “Singapore notes”.

Encourage them to put the faces of each family member. This will evoke a fun reflection of how your child sees the people around him or her. Provide colorful papers with a measurement of 5″ by 2″. Then lay other art materials such as rulers, pencils, colored markers, and wavy scissors. Use these notes to help your child practice the basics of mathematics and the importance of currency.


For some reason, most boys are attracted to spinning objects. These spinning objects provide a distraction that can preoccupy them for countless of minutes. Mimic this effect by creating a coin spinner!

Start by getting an empty cereal box or any cardboard. Then, gather your hot glue gun, markers, pencils, and dollar coins. Use a cup to perfectly trace a circle along the cardboard. Cut accordingly. Then, cut a slit in the center that resembles the exact measurement of a dollar coin. Put the dollar in the center with the help of a hot glue gun. When you are done, you can easily peel off the glue without damaging the coin.

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